If there's one thing that living in America has taught me, it's that celebrities are interesting. Now that doesn't mean they're good, bad, horrible, horrible people, or what have you; just that they're interesting. Since coming to America a second time - this time for university - I've been repeatedly subjected to Kesha or "Ke$ha" (clever, clever girl), and what a character she is.

- I'm not sure if she does it on purpose or she just sounds like that, but the intoxication is an essence of her voice, and the auto-tune only makes it more pronounced.

- She models her makeup after A Clockwork Orange...

- She's not even attractive; her slutty demeanor just compells people to think she is.

- She dresses like a homeless person

- She may or may not have Mega-Herpes.

Sorry, just needed to get that out there lest it destroy me.

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