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    December 25, 2010 by KyrozenXinamorph

    What's the matter? Too much dead Necromorph on the floor?

    No matter,now,in Dead Space 2,you can clear them up by following these few useful steps.

    1.First,satisfy your bloodlust by dismembering the necromorphs..

    2.Make sure that they are all dead.

    3.Impale a necromorph's lower torso with the Javelin gun or by using it's own talon.

    4.Make sure the necromorph is permanently stick on the ground/wall.

    5.Use Kinesis on the upper body and pull the necromorph until it magically vanish.

    6.If you do it right,the necromorph should be pulled until they look awfully long and make rubber like sound then they will disappear after they made their limit.

    P.S This glitch will not work on Puker and Stalkers.We still didn't try it on The pack yet.They disappear on t…

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