aka KP

  • I live in Brisvegas, Down Under
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Space Marine
  • I am Immortal
  • Kpsunbear21

    Theme madness/dead space branch Ultimate feeling of Being alone. If you where the only planet in the galaxy. Chapters. Different POV. SCAF research facility and ship. Nazi style propaganda littered throughout game with varying visual intensity as game progresses.

    Explore facility then travel to ship to escape but find ship infected and derelict.

    Different characters, part of a repair/security crew on a military ship. Ship lands in facility safely. story progresses and player returns to ship to escape but crash lands out side facility.

    No Repetition in enemies. Players soon find enemies predictable. Know which vents/ places they will pop out.

    Have a random number of times a random encounter is activated. Maybe three enemies are present in one a…

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