I start this with interest with what the rest of Dead Space 2 fans would name the 15 chapters, and what the secret message would be from the first letters of each chapter name. I have come up with a list of alternative names, and a secret message. Here are the names:

  1. Chapter 1: The Horror Returns
  2. Chapter 2: Hot Wiring the Train
  3. Chapter 3: Interrupted
  4. Chapter 4: Slaughtering the Faithful
  5. Chapter 5: Immense Cold
  6. Chapter 6: Stross's Plan
  7. Chapter 7: Nice Try Tiedemann
  8. Chapter 8: Obstacles in CEC
  9. Chapter 9: To the Shard
  10. Chapter 10: The Ishimura, Not Again
  11. Chapter 11: Hallucinations and Betrayal
  12. Chapter 12: Exiting the Mines
  13. Chapter 13: Entering the Government Sector
  14. Chapter 14: New Marker
  15. Chapter 15: Destroying the Sickness

And by taking the first letter of each chapter, the message spells T.H.I.S.I.S.N.O.T.T.H.E.E.N.D. This message refers to the fact that Isaac's adventure fighting necromorphs in not over.

List your own alternative chapter names. Hope you have fun! :D

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