• JonGrr

    I start this with interest with what the rest of Dead Space 2 fans would name the 15 chapters, and what the secret message would be from the first letters of each chapter name. I have come up with a list of alternative names, and a secret message. Here are the names:

    1. Chapter 1: The Horror Returns
    2. Chapter 2: Hot Wiring the Train
    3. Chapter 3: Interrupted
    4. Chapter 4: Slaughtering the Faithful
    5. Chapter 5: Immense Cold
    6. Chapter 6: Stross's Plan
    7. Chapter 7: Nice Try Tiedemann
    8. Chapter 8: Obstacles in CEC
    9. Chapter 9: To the Shard
    10. Chapter 10: The Ishimura, Not Again
    11. Chapter 11: Hallucinations and Betrayal
    12. Chapter 12: Exiting the Mines
    13. Chapter 13: Entering the Government Sector
    14. Chapter 14: New Marker
    15. Chapter 15: Destroying the Sickness

    And by taking the first letter of ea…

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