Dead Space 2-1
Dead space 2 wallpaper 1920 1200 6525-1280x800
When I first got into the Dead Space Universe I always thought the first game was the best. Mainly becasue of the scare factor, now to me it wasn't that scary but the idea of 1 person fighting an onslaught of monsters alone in the middle of deep space seemed much more frightening than in dead space 2 when you were surrounded by people dying. In that senerio i felt more secure only because it felt like i wasnt the only on going through this nightmare. I wasn't Alone , to me that was the big kicker, that is what made dead space 1 much more fun, scary, and cool to play. If i can offer any advice to the producers of the game i would say 2 things bring back the scare factor, and make us feel alone. Well thats my 2 cents love to get your guys input.

Thanks for listening

P.S I Know Isacc wasn't really alone in dead space until the last five minutes of the game, there was always someone there... but it felt like he was and that is the point im trying to get across here.

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