The weapons I'm best with are the Plasma Cutter and the Pulse Rifle. With the Plasma Cutter I'm fast and accurate, able to put down a Necromorph with only a couple shots. I can use the Plasma Cutter as a cword control werapon pretty efficiently, able to bring down the Pack or Swarmers. I usually go for the legs first, giving me some breathing room or just making it easier to kill it, then I sever the arms. With the Pulse Rifle, which I use most often, I use burst and automatic fire. With autofire I'm really accurate and deadly. I've always been really good with automatics, they're my specialty weapon. Burst fire lets me be more precise and conserve ammo, with it I can focus on multiple Necromorphs at a time, bursting into them quickly one at a time, usually going for the legs to slow them down. With any weapon I always focus on the Necromorph closest to me, (as anyone should). If there are faster ones I usually go for them by taking out their legs, then going for the biggest threat in the area.

What about you guys?

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