Dead Space


Dead Space 3 Wish List

My wish list for Dead Space 3

  • Custom RIGs (color, design, what-not).
  • New upgrades for weapons.
  • Custom upgrades. Example. You can choose whether you want a fire effect, lightning effect, or ice effect or whatever for your weapons.
  • New Necromorphs, that's a given.
  • New weapons, also a given.
  • New abilities, (other than stasis and kinesis).
  • Human enemies.
  • Skill tree? I don't know, that might be pushing it
  • Free roam? Yeah, that's pushing it.
  • Parkour. I mean, geez, why can't you jump over an effing table?
  • More multiplayer options and modes. TDM gets old after a while.
  • A separate co-op campaign. Maybe. Might work.
  • Reveal what happened to McNeill. Seriously. It's killing me.
  • More on Lexine.
  • A new super Necromorph.
  • Actual boss fights. The Tormenter was entirely segmented in small time events.
  • The return of the Hand Cannon. Or at least something like it.
  • New allies.
  • Finisher attacks. Other than the grapple counters. Like, you knock a Slasher to the ground. Hold down stomp button, epic cinematic curb stomp.

Feel free to add your ideas and agree or disagree with mine.

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