Using same character as mine in Dead Space: Renitegration, and some others. Pretty much an alternate storyline.


Logan was racing down the hallway as fast as he could. Rachel and Darrek were right behind him. He could hear the creatures just behind them. He had never been this scared for his life. He always got out of tough situations with a smirk on his face. But this was different. Much different than before on the Ishimura. Through the darkness he saw the orange glow of a locked door. "Shit." He said under his breath. The team stopped and turned around to the sound of the monsters just fading into view among the dark corridors. "Oh god. Rachel, Darrek, keep them off me okay? I'm gonna hack this." "Well do it fast, we're not gonna be able to hold off this many." Darrek said. They both aimed down the hall with their Pulse Rifles and began firing. One by one the creatures fell. Their arms and legs being severed. But they weren't killing enough. For every Necromorph killed, two replaced them. "What the hell is taking so long Logan?!" Darrek shouted over the roaring of the creatures. "Hang on, I almist got it." Time was running out. He worked on the panel as fast as he could. Then, the panel shorted out. "AH FUCK!" Logan yelled. He looked back and saw the creatures just about 30 feet away. He hit the door his closed fist and sighed. This was the end. He slowly stood up and put his hand on Darreks shoulder. "Darrek. It's been an honor serving with you." He looked back and smiled. "Yeah. To you too." Then he went to Rachel and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry." "Logan you did the best you could. We all did." SHe said. The creatures were still advancing, slowly getting closer to hack them to pieces. "I love you Logan." Rachel said softly. "Love you too Rachel." Logan said back. He looked over to the creatures that were just about upon them. He smiled malevolently. "It's not going to end this way. We;re gonna do more than just die." "Huh?" Darrek said. "If I'm going down, I'm gonna make sure the bastards remember my fucking name." He took out his Pulse Rifle and begand firing.

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