So, we've come 3 games and a small DLC with Isaac Clarke walking through Necromorph outbreak after Necromorph outbreak, but just out of curiousity, what would your favorite moments out of Dead Space 3 + Awakened be, if you were able to choose favorites.

My fav's?

Dead Space 3

  1. The Zero-G flight sequence that happens in Chapter 2: On Your Own is a nice throwback to the flight sequence from Chapter 7: Power from the Sun of Dead Space 2, only a slight touch crazier with the debris, not to mention the incoming mines homing in on the players as they made their way towards the sealed room jettisoned from the Eudora
  2. After you first step into the outskirts of the city surrounding the Alien Machine in Chapter 17: A Strange City. From where Isaac and Carver enter, the view of the city, as well as the Machine itself, is one of the more breathtaking views I had been subjected to in the game. Now, if only it wasn't so frozen...... Another reason for this is the soundtrack that plays here, entitled 'Cry of the Ancients', for those who may be unaware of the name.
  3. Playing through Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place in co-op subjected me to the funny convo Isaac and Carver have about the 'face-eating gas' when you're trying to turn it on for clearing the hallway prior to the pump of the Corruption. A nice piece of comedy gold, if anything else.


  1. Just after you get up to the cliff with a view of the dead Brethren Moon, again, for some comedy gold win from Carver. Who knew him hitting Isaac like that and asking if he could be any crazier would get a laugh out of me.

Well, that's my favorite moments out of DS 3 + Awakened. Lets hear out your fav's. And while we're at it, lets go give them Necro's what for, for old time's sake!

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