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aka Jack Jordan

  • I live in Dothan, AL
  • I was born on April 20
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  • Ishi Clarke

    So, we've come 3 games and a small DLC with Isaac Clarke walking through Necromorph outbreak after Necromorph outbreak, but just out of curiousity, what would your favorite moments out of Dead Space 3 + Awakened be, if you were able to choose favorites.

    My fav's?

    Dead Space 3

    1. The Zero-G flight sequence that happens in Chapter 2: On Your Own is a nice throwback to the flight sequence from Chapter 7: Power from the Sun of Dead Space 2, only a slight touch crazier with the debris, not to mention the incoming mines homing in on the players as they made their way towards the sealed room jettisoned from the Eudora
    2. After you first step into the outskirts of the city surrounding the Alien Machine in Chapter 17: A Strange City. From where Isaac and Car…
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