aka Marcus...Isaac...Mr.Clarke

  • My occupation is Engineer / Pro Dead Space Player
  • I am A Male
  • Isaac-Clarke-01

    Grammar matters not! I'm just expressing my ideas and concepts to unmask the untold story behind the USM VALOR.

    What always interested me and made me obessed with the idea was how the Necromorphs spread sooooo damn quickly when only a Slasher was onboard the escape pod the Valor picked up from the Ishimura. It made my imagination run wild...Life onboard the the USM VALOR.

    This is my scripted story of how the infection process began...


    Crew expendable

    “Shit! Stand back! I hope that one was dead when I sealed the pod...these things don’t die easily.” – Hammond (DEAD SPACE – CHAPTER 4)


    9 Hours away from the Aegis VII incident.

    A lonely destroyer class vessel from Earth’s defence force NAVY named the USM VALOR, pas…

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