Simple idea. I personally found the concept of Severed utterly stupid. By this i refer to Lexine marrying Gabe Weller, a character she has every reason to dislike. I certain some people may consider this some sort of romantic thing, but i find it horribly artificial. Gabe Weller did not care at all for Lexine in DS:E and was more then willing to leave her to die. And when he found out she kept him sane, he lied about it to ensure his own safety. He did not even warn his friend what might happen when Nate briefly left to ensure they got free. He is a cold-blooded, disturbingly manipulative bastard in DS:E.

Now i have heard a lot of people express horror at Gabe's fate, leading be to assume that some people (for reasons i simply cannot comprehend beyond the fun of having a badass as the lead instead of a nerdy engineer) actually like Weller. But as good as a badass is when things look bad, when things are good you don’t want to take someone like that to meet the folks. Suddenly the characteristics that made him badass aren’t that cool anymore. They make him self-obsessed, rude, annoying and stereotypical.

So why on Earth would the two marry? Now i am a fan of Nate (takes a lot of guts to cut your own arm off) and his character is being so poorly treated. Does anyone agree that the DLC park was originally designed with Nate as the main character, only for Gabe to take his place because the voice actor wouldn’t return. Or the character's similarity to Nathan Drake made them worried it may cause problems with Sony? (unlikely since they were fine with porting DS:E) I don’t know, but it would certainly explain this sudden change in characters.

Which leads to my very simple question. Do you think Severed would have been better if it was Nate as the lead and not Gabe?

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