• Ironreaper

    Simple idea. I personally found the concept of Severed utterly stupid. By this i refer to Lexine marrying Gabe Weller, a character she has every reason to dislike. I certain some people may consider this some sort of romantic thing, but i find it horribly artificial. Gabe Weller did not care at all for Lexine in DS:E and was more then willing to leave her to die. And when he found out she kept him sane, he lied about it to ensure his own safety. He did not even warn his friend what might happen when Nate briefly left to ensure they got free. He is a cold-blooded, disturbingly manipulative bastard in DS:E.

    Now i have heard a lot of people express horror at Gabe's fate, leading be to assume that some people (for reasons i simply cannot compr…

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