If you could create armor would it be?


Praetorian Suit- Suit that has a diamond shaped helmet that esembles Tiedemann's soldiers helmet except half the visor has broken off like the twitchers in Severed DLC. The armor would be bright yellow and have parts ripped off and blood spots all over. Stats:20% armor 25 slots/ Bonus: Total health is increased by 15%( Longer RIG)

Biohazard Suit- Helmet: Looks like Gabe Weller's RIG including the visor execept the bottom jaw would be a gas mask that has tubes running to the back in of the of the RIG display (health bar) Body: An armored patient RIG that contains holes that release oxygen and also recieve oxygen, filter and covert poisons such as puker barf. Stats: 15% armor 25 slots Camo: White and mint green zebra stripes all over

Bonus: Puker barfs on you it hurts you but you are absorbing it then it slowly fills up your statis and health.

Demolitions Suit- It has a heavily armored body of the Engineer Rig and the security helmet. The visor glows bright red and the armor is covered with grenades and charges. CAMO: Checkered black and yellow with writing on the legs saying "You know what it is!" Stats: Even though it may look bulky the armor 10% due to the speed required for demolitions. INVENTORY: 35 slots who says bulky armor doesn't have its benefits. Bonus: More time for hacking minigame and 15% more damage with the detonator, contact beam, and grenades for the pulse rifle.

Marker Suit- An orange version of the zealot suit except the head is the advanced suit head. Stats: 20% armor 15 slots Bonus: Repels necromorphs every once in a while: Makes a high pitched sound that only necrormorphs can hear, the sound makes them run away.

Now your Ideas.......

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