• Infinity Wardom

    Biohazard Suit- Helmet: Looks like Gabe Weller's RIG including the visor execept the bottom jaw would be a gas mask that has tubes running to the back in of the of the RIG display (health bar) Body: An armored patient RIG that contains holes that release oxygen and also recieve oxygen, filter and covert poisons such as puker barf. Stats: 15% armor 25 slots Camo: White and mint green zebra stripes all over

    Bonus: Puker barfs on you it hurts you but you are absorbing it then it slowly fills up your statis and health.

    Demolitions Suit- It has a heavily armored body of the Engineer Rig and the security helmet. The visor glows bright red and the armor is covered with grenades and charges. CAMO: Checkered black and yellow with writing on the legs …

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