(Im New at this fourm so Delete If its not allowed Okay so here we goooooooooooooooooooooo)

  • Gunship Lands*
  • Gunship Door Opens*

"Go, Go, Go!" Shouts the USM Captian

  • The Troops Cluttuer out of the ship in an orderly fashion*
  • They spread out checking for any signs of life*

"Clear !" Says the Private.

"Clear !" Says the Staff Sergent.

"Clear !" Says the other four Marines

  • The Captian Steps out of the ship*

"Alright men as you remember from the breifing we are to sit tight and wait for the extraction team" Says the Captian.

  • The Private heads to the Door which appears to be locked the private fruitlessly attempts to hack the door*
  • Two Marines look at each other and laugh at the Private*
  • The Private Hears Noises in a Vent and approches it*
  • He Peers inside*
  • Suddenly a Blade Reaches out and Imaples him throught the fore head*
  • The Privates Rig Flatlines*
  • The Soldiers rush to Help him but they are to late as they see the Horror of some creature (Infector) transforms the Private Into some type of Monster with Blades that appear to be from his Bones. (Slasher)*

Now the Nightmare Returns

This Will be a Story in progress If youve got any Ideas or Suggestions dont hesitate to PM me.

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