• Hunter1337

    (Im New at this fourm so Delete If its not allowed Okay so here we goooooooooooooooooooooo)

    • Gunship Lands*
    • Gunship Door Opens*

    "Go, Go, Go!" Shouts the USM Captian

    • The Troops Cluttuer out of the ship in an orderly fashion*
    • They spread out checking for any signs of life*

    "Clear !" Says the Private.

    "Clear !" Says the Staff Sergent.

    "Clear !" Says the other four Marines

    • The Captian Steps out of the ship*

    "Alright men as you remember from the breifing we are to sit tight and wait for the extraction team" Says the Captian.

    • The Private heads to the Door which appears to be locked the private fruitlessly attempts to hack the door*
    • Two Marines look at each other and laugh at the Private*
    • The Private Hears Noises in a Vent and approches it*
    • He Peers …
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