Hey, did you hear guys? That next game in the greatest stealth action series ever created is coming out. No, not that one. I'm talking THE greatest one, if not (perhaps), the very first: Thief.

Now, I love Thief alot, and the discover that the fourth entry is *finally* getting somewhere in its development fills me with glee. Indeed, if someone were to officially announce Fallout 4 or Fable 4 within the next while, I would probably have an aneurysm borne of sheer joy.

It is thus far unclear whether it will be a reboot of the series (NO GODDAMMIT EIDOS MONTREAL DEUS EX NEEDS THE REBOOT, NOT THIEF), or going to be the next part of the story after the events of Deadly Shadows (given he has his mechanical eye, this does support the idea of it being a new entry), but it looks cool as all hell. After DE: HR and Hitman: Absolution, Eidos clearly have shown they know how to respect their series (*cough* Dead Space 3 co-op *cough*) and still make them fun (even if the Angel of Death 2 challenge in Absolution was one of the most malicious things ever created by man). Mind you, the fact they felt they had to come out and say a pacifist playthrough of Thief is possible is a bit worrying, given that anyone who has played any of the games (especially the first two) know that is kind of the whole point of Garrett being the "thief" for the Master Builder's sake.

Oh, also, please don't let the Pagans speak like retards in this entry; keep up with the Hammerites though, they're still frickin' awesome.

--Haegemonia(talk) 04:20, April 4, 2013 (UTC)

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