Dead Space: RedRow

Okay so I am going to be making my own Dead Space story kinda. So the way this will work is that when sections of text are BOLD''', those are notes from me the author. When text is ITALIC Those are things that the main character is thinking. Also sorry about any speeling errors you may find.

Chapter 0: RedRow

Deep in space a ship passed by a checkpoint, all the soldiers shuddered as they saw the ship drift away following its already plotted course. The ship was the USG RedRow, which happened to be a ship the color of grey with faded red on the plates. The soldiers all shuddered because they knew who was housed aboard the ship. The USG RedRow was a ship that housed prisoners, the worst of the worst. Nearly every prisoner on the ship had murdered at one time.
The rest had all been thrown in for other crimes, usually crimes against the goverment.

The ship had recently gotten a new batch of prisoners shipped to it. 12 prisoners with a combined sentance of 913 years. With them were two security personel. They were new to the job, and they had instructions. They were to guard the prisoners to the Reception Lobby then bring them to they're designated cells. The guards had not yet been given appropriate weapons or security RIGs. The guards had both known eachother for a long time. They had both entered training together, and both been sent to the ship together. The names of the two guards were Kurt Louis, and Jake Salem.

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