Okay this is basically a list and description of what i think some of the new necros in DS2 should be.

if im right about any of these they owe me a soda

The Screecher

A necromorph that uses its small blades to rip open its mouth. Once it's mouth is open a horrible screech sounds that draws in nearby necromorphs (or just makes some spawn and bust through the vents.) it also temporarily stuns Issac. After the scream is sounded the tissue around its lips seals and re-closes they're mouthes.

Attack- It's attack is relatively weak. The screech is the real danger, yes while it only stuns you and the thing does small damage it brings in necromorphs to gang up on Issac. Plus if you are already crowded in by other necro species then you will be stunned and left easy pray for the tougher enemies.

Strategy- A bad thing is if it gets you in a grapple because it can take down about 1/4 of your health. It will grab you rip open its mouth and screechs right in Issacs face. It is best to dismember the head first. This way they cannot screech and die soon later.

Appearence- It's body actually looks somewhat normal except for its arms, and its face. The arms are jagged and sharp bone is seen poking out of its arm's flesh. Its claws are unusual though. At its wrists it is cut off and a thin string of flesh connects it's blades to its arms.
Sliderspot NecromorphsPNG
It's face is hideous. It's mouth looks like sutured flesh sewn together. It has one eye the other socket is empty.

Will continue list l8r

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