Okay guys i had another series which went over some of dead space 1 but that kind of failed considering I only made like 4 XD. But anyway i have actually been taking classes (no not spelling ones so it will still be pretty bad). So i hope this is better it goes with Dead Space 2 (badass to the core). BTW when the text is bold and underlined that is an author's notes section so it does not have to do with the story.

Chapter 0 [Prolouge]

"I'm telling you convergence is at hand! You will all die if you don't listen to me". "No improvement. Get him out of here"! At that moment a team of three security personel entered the room. "Yes sir". The commanding officer said. "So whats this guy's deal" asked the private. "You mean you don't know"? Said the officer. He began reading the I.D. tag on the patient's RIG. "Name, Stross, Nolan. He's a piece of work, one of the only survivors of the U.S.G. "O" Bannon. Something bad happened there, everyone aboard was dead. They say they all died from the crash and loss of oxygen. But i was part of that security team that went there it looked like an animal tore through the halls tearing anyone in its way apart. Many we're dismembered but either way i know it wasen't natural.

Back in the observation room-

"So you were telling us about these nightmares you've been having, about your dead girlfriend, what was her name"? "Ni- Ni-... Nicole". Said the patient. "Hmm... now there was an incident on a high class mineing vessel-". "The Ishimura". "Yes you volunteered for a repair mission, what was on that ship". "The marker". "What happened"? "It said things to me". "What kind of things" The patient then began to shake violently. "Get him out of here we'll have another session later". The same security team appeared to vacate the patient. "So even i've heard of this guy." "Yup they said what was found on Aegis VII was so terrible that this guy dropped a fucking continent on it". They then wheeled the patient to his cryo cell, strapped him in, then activated it. Then closed the cell as light shined on the holographic I.D. on the door. {Patient: Clarke, Issac}.

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