Im sorry that this is late like really really late.

Chapter 4: The Medcial Hall Hell

Issac stepped down the corrdidor he had the thermite now he needed the shock pad from zero gravity. A sneaking Lurker was coming from a vent and was ready to try and jump onto Issac's back. But fully alert Issac swung his plasma cutter in an arc behind him and knocked of the Lurker's head killing it. "Dammit blood all over my suit" He then started to brush it off his arm. These used to be people, the thought kept plaguing his mind. In fact I may have actually met these people once. He opened the door to a janitor's stall. Issac then spotted someone in the corner of it. "What the- hey stop doing that. Now"! The man was hysterical and was stabbing himself in the arm with a Plasma saw. Luckily the saw was not turned on or else his arm would already be gone. . "They need more bodies. I will give mine but they also need another". The man said in a raspy voice. Issac heard the saw buzz to life then the man charged. Issac dodged but then the man pushed him down and started sawing across his chest. "Urrgh stop it". The man cackled with glee and continued to saw. Issac could see his health draining fast. His arm was pegged and he would only be able to shoot directly behind the man. Then he saw it a Plasma burst grade 57-SU behind him. Issac took aim and shot the tank. Its explosion literally tore the man apart right on top of Issac. Issac because of the suit was only thrashed toward a wall and fell over. So much blood and half of it is mine. He got up barely able to stand and using the wall as weight. Breathing deeply he continued on and found something on the floor. "Thank god its a med kit". His healthbar climbed back to 100%. Whats this a small data book was on the floor which had the data of everyone currently on the medical floor. They were all flatlines.

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