Dead Space- Advent Child By: Gsprfdude

NOTE: This is fictional it will not completely follow the Dead Space storyline

Chapter 1: Lost Cause

Issac already knew it was a lost cause, The USG Kellion was scrapped, any Engineer could tell with just one look. "I'd better step inside anyway and run a diagnostics report, who knows maybe i will be able to fix it, with enough parts". I don't feel to protected Issac thought to himself all i have is a Plasma Cutter and a standard enginnering RIG . He took a look at the holographic damage indicator for the Kellion. "Dammit! What the hell does Hammond expect me to work with. There's no port booster the left engine is completely gone except for the gravity turbine"! "Grahhhah" came the sound or a Slasher. "Oh shit"! The Slasher dug its 2 feet long claws into the side of the Kellion and began ripping wires and crushing conducters, at the same time a leaper was on the front window and dug its tail into the main engine. In an instant there was fire everywhere explosions kept coming from the Kellion. There is no way in hell i can fix this ship now! Issac jumped through the main blast door with the smoke and fire blasting him through at the same time. He quickly pulled a roll and fired the Plasma Cutter into the tail of the leaper severing it. It let out a roar and lept with which Issac fired a shot straight through its head this time killing it. Cut off the limbs. Issac quickly remebered the writing he had seen. Just than the slasher came from behind.

It slashed its claw and left a decent tear in Issac's RIG. "Dammit"! Issac then quickly brought around the cutter and smacked the Slasher along the head with it. It let out another roar then was silenced after Issac shot it 4 times through the chest. "Piece of shit" Issac shouted. Calm down Issac. he thought to himself. "I love you, make us whole again Issac". "I know that voice anywhere, Nicole! Where are you"! "I need to keep on moving if i stay here screaming her name it will only kill us both, i just have to keep searching. His RIG flashed and a hologram of Zach Hammond came up "Issac what happened i heard an explosion is the Kellion okay"?

   End of chapter 1 i will continue un my next post.

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