Okay so i was thinking up necromorph ideas, i think i have a good one so u guys decide.

The Intelect

It looks much like a slasher except with much less cuts and lacerations. One of its arms is the blade while the other is a hand with the fingers conjoined so it has 3 fingers. It is capable of speech although not complete sentaces mostly muttering words heard while still human. This could be a way to tell if one is nearby in a raspy voice they could say "Lets go.......kill some ti- rain". It is also capable of firing guns even though its aim is horrible it can still pose as a threat if hit by one of its shots. (Can only use Plasma Cutter, or the Pulse Rifle. Advanced versions could be more accurate and be able to use more weapons like the Line gun). What i thought would be cool and kind of funny is that for it's grapple it will pick you up with its human hand and somehow do the same kind of counter grapples that Issac does. EX. It would act out the pack counter grapple it would pick you up and slash you with its claws instead of Issac's punch. Then it would toss you across the room (when the pack is killed and Issac throws it). Well thats my idea so comment a response if you think its is good or bad, bye!

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