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  • Gsprfdude

    Dead space: Revelation

    February 16, 2011 by Gsprfdude

    Okay guys i had another series which went over some of dead space 1 but that kind of failed considering I only made like 4 XD. But anyway i have actually been taking classes (no not spelling ones so it will still be pretty bad). So i hope this is better it goes with Dead Space 2 (badass to the core). BTW when the text is bold and underlined that is an author's notes section so it does not have to do with the story.

    "I'm telling you convergence is at hand! You will all die if you don't listen to me". "No improvement. Get him out of here"! At that moment a team of three security personel entered the room. "Yes sir". The commanding officer said. "So whats this guy's deal" asked the private. "You mean you don't know"? Said the officer. He began …

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  • Gsprfdude

    A necromorph idea debate

    February 15, 2011 by Gsprfdude

    Okay so i was thinking up necromorph ideas, i think i have a good one so u guys decide.

    It looks much like a slasher except with much less cuts and lacerations. One of its arms is the blade while the other is a hand with the fingers conjoined so it has 3 fingers. It is capable of speech although not complete sentaces mostly muttering words heard while still human. This could be a way to tell if one is nearby in a raspy voice they could say "Lets go.......kill some ti- rain". It is also capable of firing guns even though its aim is horrible it can still pose as a threat if hit by one of its shots. (Can only use Plasma Cutter, or the Pulse Rifle. Advanced versions could be more accurate and be able to use more weapons like the Line gun). What…

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  • Gsprfdude

    Im sorry that this is late like really really late.

    Issac stepped down the corrdidor he had the thermite now he needed the shock pad from zero gravity. A sneaking Lurker was coming from a vent and was ready to try and jump onto Issac's back. But fully alert Issac swung his plasma cutter in an arc behind him and knocked of the Lurker's head killing it. "Dammit blood all over my suit" He then started to brush it off his arm. These used to be people, the thought kept plaguing his mind. In fact I may have actually met these people once. He opened the door to a janitor's stall. Issac then spotted someone in the corner of it. "What the- hey stop doing that. Now"! The man was hysterical and was stabbing himself in the arm with a Plasma saw. Luckily …

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  • Gsprfdude

    Okay this is basically a list and description of what i think some of the new necros in DS2 should be.

    if im right about any of these they owe me a soda

    A necromorph that uses its small blades to rip open its mouth. Once it's mouth is open a horrible screech sounds that draws in nearby necromorphs (or just makes some spawn and bust through the vents.) it also temporarily stuns Issac. After the scream is sounded the tissue around its lips seals and re-closes they're mouthes.

    Attack- It's attack is relatively weak. The screech is the real danger, yes while it only stuns you and the thing does small damage it brings in necromorphs to gang up on Issac. Plus if you are already crowded in by other necro species then you will be stunned and left eas…

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  • Gsprfdude

    Chapter 3 Health Inspector

    Damn and i always hated Hospitals, If it hadn't been for Nicole i never would have made it down the medical hallway back at the academy, she can't hold my hand now. Now... I'm walking down a medical hallway infested with Necromorphs instead of friendly nurses. Issac stepped into the main foyer coming out of the tram. There was a very injured blind woman she was holding the corpse of someone the arms, head, and legs were all gone. "He told me to wait for you, she said, here". She pulled something out from under the corpse and Issac saw the other side of the torso was infested with maggots. It was a small box that could be attached to his arm. "A telekinisis module"? "He wanted me to give it to you. Can i go now he…

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