Hey guys, I'm back from watching Captain America today, and I think it's a good film. It has really strong ties with the Thor and Iron Man movies, and I think Tony's new energy core from IM II is explained in this one. Maybe the Arc reactor has the same origin?

Anyways, on to the review.

As a non-American, I was relieved this film wasn’t to Pro-American I feared it could’ve been. No offense to my American readers, hell you got every right to be as proud of your country. But forcing down patriotism of another country towards a country that doesn’t even get along with each other...yeh not a good idea.

But like I said there was little of that and plenty of characters had foreign ties, such as France and England. Steve Rogers is a nice guy and relatable and is well played by Chris Evans. Seriously, none of the Human Torch banter here from the Fantastic Four movies. He’s clever, a nice guy and his heart is on the right place. It is a tad weird to see him suddenly kill Hydra guys with no remorse and he doesn’t shed a tear or a shred of fear when he kills his first man. From ‘I don’t want to kill anyone’ to throwing dudes out of a airplane to their imminent deaths is a bit weird.

The Doctor dude played by Stanley Tucci is very witty and reminded me of the dude that saved Tony Stark in the 1st Iron Man movie. It’s sad he died so fast because he was a interesting character.

Domnic Cooper who plays Howard Stark is....well, he is pretty much like Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark. Suave, brilliant, a man who likes the women but cares about his friends. He wasn’t as good a RDJ, but he pulled Howard Stark off very well.

Tommy Lee Jones on the other hand...oh man, I loved this guy. He is your average general guy in a war movie who ends up with having Captain America under his command. He’s gruff, sarcastic, but friggin’ hilarious. He reminded me of john Wayne’s character in ‘The Longest Day’ except way more Tommy Lee Jones.

Now Agent Smith himself, Hugo Weaving...thank GOD he redeems himself after the Transformers movies. He’s a very cool villain who is clearly out of his mind, but he is so cool to watch. He and Hydra are very interesting bad guys and their moto “Cut off one head, two more take it’s place” is just so catchy it’s awesome. Kinda like Cobra Commander, except more hardcore.

As for the story itself, I would’ve preferred to see Cap duke it out with Nazi’s. True, in the movie you see Cap going on tours around the country as a poster boy and ‘beats up Hitler’ during the shows, but there are no scenes where the Allies are fighting nazi’s. In fact Hydra becomes a enemy to both the allies AND the nazi’s in the 1st act.

Basically German Agent Smith uses this cube thing from the end of the Thor movie to power up a war machine, with guns and tanks and planes enctr, to take over the world.

Still I find it odd Odin allowed Red Skull to misuse the cube so much as in weaponising it. Fair enough, he doesn't care bout Midgard so much anymore, I get that. But really? That's his stuff right there being used like a wrecking ball. Also wouldn’t the nazi’s have teamed up with the allies to take out the Red Skull? Hitler knows how dangerous this shit can be, so it makes sense for a temporary ceasefire to find Hydra and blow everything they own up.

Then again we’re talking about the same guy who decided to invade Russia while the war with Britain was still going on, so what do I know about the inner working of Hitler’s brain? Also for non comic readers I think it would be confusing to see so many henchmen die for the Red Skull because of world domination, but I have a strong feeling this version of Hydra is just as world ending as the one from Wolverine: Agent of SHIELD.

The love story between Peggy Carter and Cap has been done before, and since we all know it’s a doomed romance of sorts because Cap has to be on ice for the Avengers movie, you end up not caring when Cap crashes into the ice and Peggy is all sad faced about it. But to this film’s credit, it’s done a lot better then the Transformers movies....but then again, that’s a low bar.

The deaths in this movie are horrible, as in wincing when you see them. Dudes got vaporised, thrown into rotors of helicopters, thrown out of airplanes, burned alive, shot over a hundred’s pretty damn brutal! I know, it’s a war movie, but daaayum.

Action is awesome, especially when Cap starts throwing the shield around. It’s done a lot better then the Reb Brown movies back in the 70-ties, let me tell you!

Yeh I’m still in therapy for that one.

Anywho, for people who likes a good war movie with Cap in it...go see it. Seriously, this film is on par with Iron Man. The action scenes are awesome, the acting is top notch, Tommy fucking Lee Jones is in it, visuals are amazing (especially the art deco style at the credits) and of course the Teaser trailer for the Avengers.

That’s all folks, I’ll see you next time.

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