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  • Gorvar


    Hello everyone! Today i'll review 'Rise of Planet of the Apes' which is a prequel of sorts for the original Planet of the Apes movie series. For people who haven't watched those movies....come here.

    No i'm not coming to hurt you, come here.


    That's for not watching the original series! What's wrong with you?! It has talking monkies on it, riding horses and shooting guns! Timetravel, nukes, timetravel, a sparticus story, TIMETRAVEL! Just...just go, before i freak out. Seriously. GTFO.

    Alright, for those who DID see the movies, or partially…

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  • Gorvar

    Hey guys, I'm back from watching Captain America today, and I think it's a good film. It has really strong ties with the Thor and Iron Man movies, and I think Tony's new energy core from IM II is explained in this one. Maybe the Arc reactor has the same origin?

    Anyways, on to the review.

    As a non-American, I was relieved this film wasn’t to Pro-American I feared it could’ve been. No offense to my American readers, hell you got every right to be as proud of your country. But forcing down patriotism of another country towards a country that doesn’t even get along with each other...yeh not a good idea.…

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  • Gorvar

    My next review will be a trilogy of movies i saw recently. Oh boy do I have a score to settle with these.

    May I introduce you to the newest Indiana Jones rip-off....Jack Hunter!

    To those who dont know, Jack Hunter is the Syfy version of Indiana Jones, and like everything else Syfy created, it blows. Hammy acting, stupid plot, stupid characters (I'm looking at you Tariq) and all that jazz.

    Stay tuned.

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  • Gorvar

    Hey guys. I just saw Transformer's 3 and well, since I hated the previous one and i reviewed the previous one, i'll just give you my two cents here. Note it's very spoiler heavy, so if you dont want to get your appetite ruined, now is your chance to leave.

    You sure?

    Last chance?

    Come on, you chicken?]

    Sorry bout that, let's go.

    This movie starts awesomeless enough during the Cybertron war where the leader of the Autobots, Sentinel Prime ( Optimus' mentor), and his ark are fleeing the planet to find resources to rebuild Cybertron However his ship get's shot up by th…

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  • Gorvar

    Hello everyone!

    Finally after a long, long, loooong time I’m back with a review. Yes, today we will wrap up Dragon Age and cast our verdict.

    We took a look at the facebook games, the games itself and the general premise. Now we wrap up with the written media such a comics, novels and webcomics. Let’s start with the webcomics.

    The webcomics for both games were made by Penny Arcade. Who is Penny Arcade you ask? Answer short, it’s a webcomic which became very popular about spoofing about games. They became so popular they got their own game, which ironicly sucked just like the games they were bitching about. Shows you how easy it is to be a critic.


    The first webcomic is a eight page story of a group of Templars hunting down the famous witc…

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