• Gigabyte42

    If given the option how would you change Dead Space or Dead Space 2?

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  • Gigabyte42

    Of all the games out there, where would you put Isaac?

    I would put him in Mortal Kombat :D Mortal Kombat is all about seing your characters die in the most gruesome ways. We have all seen Isaac ripped in half or decapitated. So It wouldn't be a stretch to put him there. ( fatality: uses stasis on opponent, then uses the plasma cutter to dismember opponent while in stasis. Fatality 2: dismembers leg, then uses pulse rifle to launch grenade into opponent.)

    Sub-zero and Isaac Freezing buddies.

    Move list :3

    down,foward,punch: line gun shot

    back,foward,punch: uses kinesis to throw opponent away

    foward,foward,kick: stomp

    grab move: punches twice then uses force gun to push away.

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