Just recently the amazing Komodo Saurian:User just took the fantastic and impossible photos of Lexine Weller and Gabe Weller. I've been looking around the Wiki and I've noticed this Wiki needs more/better photos of certain articles of importance and capability. I say this, a simple photo challenge! I own an Xbox 360, no PC, so unfortunately I cannot participate, I wish I could help! Here are the pages that could use the photo challenge:


Titan Station

  • A 1st person ghost shot of the Sprawl while the warnings of Tiedman are being delivered, all three screens in one shot would be nice!
  • That one moment during the demo when you are at the top of the Church of Unitology.
  • During the Solar Array out of the eleveator and outside the Solar Array.
  • When you are riding out to Government sector along with the Ishimura

Titan Heights

  • The large lobby area in the beginning with the civilians

The Concourse

  • The stores before Titan Heights, the workshop and the Televison store with the mulitple small Tiedmans in the window, plus the candy store in front of Titan Elementary..
  • The main hub area where you meet Ellie for the first time with the lights on and off, before and after, top and bottom when Tiedeman is on the holo screens.
  • Different individual stores

The Titan Station Church of Unitology

  • First of all, we need a article
  • Any amount will do.

Government Sector

  • A main Exterior shot
  • Some inside. (Now we need some of the lobby and that is all!)

Titan Memorial Medical Center

  • We just need more interior shots.

The Oracles

  • The ones that took Lexine, seems simple enough to ghost/Gmod

Victor Bartlett

  • We now have a regular picture of him, now we need a Gmod image of him all bloodied when he kills himself.

Benjamin Matthius

  • Two photos of him, one GMOD the other of him dead with the camera and photo INSIDE the AUTOPSY ROOM FACE PICTURE.

Well, that's my list. I know it's long and I sound selfish (and that sounds vaguely sexual) but you will be a great member of Dead Space Wiki to do this, you would be a messiah to Unitology,I challenge you to the photo challenge!

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