Okay, it's inevitable due to the information at the end of Dead Space 3 and the announcement that there WILL be more, want to you wish to see in the next installment of Dead Space 4? Anything to add, fix, stay or get rid of? Anything from story, to mechanics, to gameplay, to setting and characters etc.

Mine are:

Dead Space 4


  • Continue to work upon the hallucinations, they were great in DS3
  • Keep the optional missions, but make the environments DIFFERENT and with more interesting stories.
  • Answer the Marker origin, the mystery of the Black Markers, the Brother Moons, Lexine and her Child, and Poul Clarke.
  • Get rid of love triangles and flat, immature characters like Norton.
  • Humanize the Necromorphs (they were humans once, I want to feel bad for them, make a character turn into a Necromorph).


  • On casual, shooting the limbs once or twice SHOULD do the job, not twenty
  • Don't force the gameplay into co-op, automatic rifles because it's easier, appreciate the traditional fans as well
  • Do more with hallucinations (fight Necromorphs that aren't really there)
  • Bring back the old weapons, you shouldn't have to craft them, especially crappy versions of them.
  • Keep, but work on, the Benches. I liked that upgrade system in DS1 and 2 better (it allowed your weapon to be fully pimped)


  • Keep on going with 1/2 to 2/3 of the game in space, the rest on a planet. Space and spaceships are much better and more Dead Space-y
  • I would like to go to the Marker home world, an Earth immigration station in space (which you have to fight through Unitologist/EarthGov members), Earth and Mars.
  • Continue to work on more of the open world, make it more expansive and less linear, perhaps do a PROMETHEUS and have the ability to travel back on a ship and some planet side.
  • Include water areas (using the oxygen apparatus, perhaps being forced to go back into the old gulf of Mexico for a level and uncover the Black Marker)
  • Fly spaceships more


  • Ability to keep helmet on or off (Press an unused button to bring the helmet up or down, but force it back on for space missions)
  • Have parts where co-op partners get separated for while on their own missions

That's all I can think of, what's your wish list?

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