After playing both Dead Space 2 and Severed, I have come to the conclusion as to what the third and possibly concluding chpater in the Dead Space saga might be. As we all know, both ending to the games are Isaac and Ellie driving away from Titan Station and pregnant Lexine drifting in Space while an unknown Overseer takes in acount the other 11 Marker Sites.

What I believe to be the sequel is kind of a mixture between Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows with Terminator. I believe what will happen is as Ellie and Isaace drive away, they hear the message the Overseer makes and plan to embark on an adventure to destroy the other Markers. They then fine Lexine who is still pregnant and discover that they all are Convicts and are Targeted for Termination by Earth Gov and are desired by Unitologist. They figure that Lexine and Ellie are Immune to the Marker and it's affects while Isaac has the ability to destroy Markers. They then fight the Overseer who could be the leader of EarthGov and/or the Overseer of the entire Universer. They begin taking out one Marker at a time and realize that the Necromorphs are getting bolder and producing faster. The trio then lands on Earth where the last Marker (first found Black marker) is found. But a huge Necromorph infestation has engulfed many of the popultion has been killed and infected. As they realize that Lexine is carrying an immune baby, they protect her to give birth to reproduce a cure for humanity against the Marker as the attempt to destroy the Black Marker, but Isaac dies in the process while Ellie discovers she is pregnant. --Gearslover01 03:32, March 28, 2011 (UTC)

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