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    Okay, it's inevitable due to the information at the end of Dead Space 3 and the announcement that there WILL be more, want to you wish to see in the next installment of Dead Space 4? Anything to add, fix, stay or get rid of? Anything from story, to mechanics, to gameplay, to setting and characters etc.

    Mine are:

    Dead Space 4


    • Continue to work upon the hallucinations, they were great in DS3
    • Keep the optional missions, but make the environments DIFFERENT and with more interesting stories.
    • Answer the Marker origin, the mystery of the Black Markers, the Brother Moons, Lexine and her Child, and Poul Clarke.
    • Get rid of love triangles and flat, immature characters like Norton.
    • Humanize the Necromorphs (they were humans once, I want to feel bad for…
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  • Gearslover01

    Photo Challange

    August 3, 2011 by Gearslover01

    Just recently the amazing Komodo Saurian:User just took the fantastic and impossible photos of Lexine Weller and Gabe Weller. I've been looking around the Wiki and I've noticed this Wiki needs more/better photos of certain articles of importance and capability. I say this, a simple photo challenge! I own an Xbox 360, no PC, so unfortunately I cannot participate, I wish I could help! Here are the pages that could use the photo challenge:


    Titan Station

    • A 1st person ghost shot of the Sprawl while the warnings of Tiedman are being delivered, all three screens in one shot would be nice!
    • That one moment during the demo when you are at the top of the Church of Un…
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  • Gearslover01

    Lexine Photo

    July 27, 2011 by Gearslover01

    Please! Isn't DS2 on the PC? That means we can get a decent photo of Lexine, right? And not just her but Price and the Oracles? Why isn't it done? --Gearslover01 10:16, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

    New blog!

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    Dead Space 3

    March 28, 2011 by Gearslover01

    After playing both Dead Space 2 and Severed, I have come to the conclusion as to what the third and possibly concluding chpater in the Dead Space saga might be. As we all know, both ending to the games are Isaac and Ellie driving away from Titan Station and pregnant Lexine drifting in Space while an unknown Overseer takes in acount the other 11 Marker Sites.

    What I believe to be the sequel is kind of a mixture between Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows with Terminator. I believe what will happen is as Ellie and Isaace drive away, they hear the message the Overseer makes and plan to embark on an adventure to destroy the other Markers. They then fine Lexine who is still pregnant and discover that they all are Convicts and are Targeted for T…

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