• Fangoffenrir

    Sora walked down the tranquil streets of Traverse Town. He really enjoyed it there, especially the sky of eternal night. The air was crisp, he had a bar of sea-salt ice cream in hand, The moon was full and he was heading back to his new home. He took a lick of his bar and thought to himself nothing can ruin this night. He took several bites and finished up his bar. He tossed his stick to the side and kept on walking. Soon, he noticed a dark corridor appear in front of him in the bell tower plaza. He quickly readied his Lionheart keyblade and readied himself. Out of the corridor stepped a man in a dark cloak covered on the top half by jet-black MNU scorpion armor and Kevlar guards on his arms and legs. “What do you want?” Sora asked. The ma…

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