​Hi guys heres a story i came up with hope you like it


  • It begins with a young boy about 15 years old makes a video log and says "Whoever finds this meet us at the shuutle bay i repeat go to the shuttle bay"he is innturupted by gun shots and says "Shit there here already" the story then shifts to 14 year old boy name Aidan.He wakes up to find that his late for school he yells "Shit im late for school again" so he rushes to school and just in time to join his classmates for a field trip ​they visit a unitoligy recrutment center when they are looking around when Aidan notices Something moving in the vents Aidan then wonders what he saw "was I imagining things" suddenly a necromorph bursts out of the vent and kills the tour guide everyone panics and they all run out of the recrutment center Aidan is then separeted from his friends and then is attacked by necromorphs suddenly a young girl appears and shoots the necromorphs with a plasma cutter.After killing the necromorphs she then asks Aidan "Arent you to young to be wandering around alone"He answers "Maybe what about you" the girl replies"nevermind about that we have to get out of here" she then gives Aidan a Plsama cutter and says "use this" Then proceeds to grab Aidan by the hand and drag him into a safe room.


  • After being dragged into a safe room by the girl Aidan asks"whats your name anyway" and she replies"my names Christy Whats yours" "Aidan"he replies "nice to meet you Aidan" While they are talking Aidan hears something moving in the vents and yells"what out!!!!!" and pushes Chirsty aside.A necromorph jumps out of the vent and attacks Aidan.Aidan then shoots his Plsama cutter at the necromorph and kill it by dismemberment and asks Christy "what are this things" she replies"I dont know Aidan i dont know".


  • Aidan and Christy exit the safe room to find everything covered in blood they search for armor,health packs and ammo aidan then finds 2 security suits Aidan then tells Christy to wear one while there dressing up Christy calls Aidan a Pervert for looking at her while she was changing Aidan those not mind and notices a group of survivors when they meet the survuvors Aidan regonises his older sister and yells"Sis"his sister hears his call and hugs him he then asks"what happend mom and dad" his sis then replies"I dont Know i was separeted from them while we were escaping" suddenly necromorphs jump out of the vents and surrond them with only 4 people having weapons they have to make a desision try to make a run for it or fight the necromorphs.

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