Dead Space


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November 5, 2011
  • FallensinX

    ​Hi guys heres a story i came up with hope you like it

    • It begins with a young boy about 15 years old makes a video log and says "Whoever finds this meet us at the shuutle bay i repeat go to the shuttle bay"he is innturupted by gun shots and says "Shit there here already" the story then shifts to 14 year old boy name Aidan.He wakes up to find that his late for school he yells "Shit im late for school again" so he rushes to school and just in time to join his classmates for a field trip ​they visit a unitoligy recrutment center when they are looking around when Aidan notices Something moving in the vents Aidan then wonders what he saw "was I imagining things" suddenly a necromorph bursts out of the vent and kills the tour guide everyone pani…

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  • FallensinX

    Where do you think the ubermorph came from i will choose the best

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