• Exxere

    DS2 Weapons !

    January 29, 2011 by Exxere

    You surly noticed the new weapons balance !!! ^.^ now I guess that the plasma cutter isn't the only good and primary weapon, you can now choose to use another deadly tool on your deadly opponents !!! :D I am really in love w\ the PULSE RIFLE and I am using it as a primary weapons and i am thinking to sell the PLASMA CUTTER ( I use it only as a sideweapon anyway )....obviusly I must still know most of the arsenal, and i will probably buy the DETONATOR....I also like the Line Gun that is USEFULL as it was in DS1 !! ^.^
    So the question is....what weapon do you prefer as your primary weapon ? What weapons do you dislike ? Why ? :D

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  • Exxere

    Your Approach To DS2 !

    January 23, 2011 by Exxere

    Hey guys !!! I really want to know what DIFFICULTY will you choose to play this FANTASTIC game the 1st time !!! =D

    1. casual
    2. normal
    3. survivalist
    4. zealot
    5. hardcore ( I guess you must unlock this anyway .... =P )

    I can beat DS1 on impossible w\ little problem and w\ a mouse my aim is really good....BUT i guess that I will play it on CASUAL !!! XD the reason !? i LOVE realism : a plasma cutter shot CUTS trought I want that a plasma cutter shot CUTS an arm or a leg !!! =D i will play hardcore when I beat the game .... ^^

    so....what will you do !? ^^

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