• Engineer2412

    The Patient

    June 9, 2010 by Engineer2412

    This is my first Dead Space fan fic, so sorry if there are a few errors.

    Audio Log 1: New Arrival

    Audio Log: Dr.Sullivan (Senior Psychiatric Officer, The Sprawl)


    We're getting a new patient today. At first I thought P-Sec was dumping another serial killer on me, but after reading this guy's file, I'm looking forward to evaluating him. Lets see here, Isaac Clarke, Age 43, Systems Engineer for CEC. Joined the USG Kellion on a repair mission for the Ishimura, disappeared along with the rest of the crew and then popped up 15 hours later sending a distress call to a Pleasure Cruise. The man was a mess when they found him. Over 25 scars found on his body, all healed by med packs, RiG covered in blood, and what appeared to be sharpened…

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