Earth's Lady

aka Anna

  • I live in холодном месте
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Помощник вики
  • Earth's Lady

    Guys, i can't freely speak English, but i'm gonna try. Turn off your rough words. Fnaf fans, please, leave this page

    At first, look at 

    Cutest engineer and also cutest game character ever. No, seriously! Just look at his face in DS 2 images, and in third game... well, he became even better. I really love his expression from second game's intro. And his handy abilities make me smile: Isaac removed Stasis and Kinesis modules from ordinary hospital's devices. And you know, I wanna cry every time, when accidentally letting him to die. It feels like i cut his head out of whole body. 

    When i saw her in the first time, i disliked her. But later...

    Guys, honestly i love kissing Isaac and John (that fics rated teen and audience, i read it only because …

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