All right so here are my ideas:

The zepplin

a necromorph that looks like the fly trap but has 2 extra legs on its side to launch it attacks by death scene.DEATH SCENE:when it attacks it will fall down on isaac and will try to bite him.WIN: isaac will kick it in the side leg,and then will grab it and slowly pull the trigger,when it fires it blows its head right off.FAIL: it will headbutt him,then will bite his arms off.And will fling him around.

the executer

This necromorph looks like the brute exept it is larger and has pieces of armor on it,as well as a sharp blade.It attacks by diffrent ways.the most common is it will headbutt and smash gabe.The most dangerous attack is it will bite him(takes away 50 health 1st,20 2nd)DEATH SCENE: once your health has gone to 0, it will punch the ground,making gabe stumble down.It will then grab his arms and rip them off.and would then while gabe is knealing on the ground, it will then throw him out the window.if you listen while you are floating through space,you will here twinkle twinkle little star star playing.

the savage

this one is a big blob and will bite you.DEATH SCENE: if you dont get out of the decontamination room, it will grab your leg as you are about to get out. your arm gets ripped off in the door and it will start eating you starting with your head.

now what do you guys think? And keep telling me your ideas on my blog create-a-necromorph

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