Dead Space


The Pack in DS3

There's much speculation of which Necromorphs will return in DS3, and I have found that The Pack maybe will appear in DS3. My proof: DS3 Reveal trailer. If we stop the trailer in the just moment when Isaac and Carver are fighting the Necromorph covering their backs, you will see a Necromorph being killed by Carver. The glipms is very short, but if we slow it down, you can see it better. Lets see... 1.- The Necromorph is small 2.- His skins is very pale; unlike the Feeders, whose skin is more inclined to the brown 3.- His arms are very thins, while Feeders' arms are thicker as approach to their hands, and... 4.- You can see an extension similar to those of Slashers (but less developed) on his back

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