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  • Dr Mutran

    The Pack in DS3

    June 29, 2012 by Dr Mutran

    There's much speculation of which Necromorphs will return in DS3, and I have found that The Pack maybe will appear in DS3. My proof: DS3 Reveal trailer. If we stop the trailer in the just moment when Isaac and Carver are fighting the Necromorph covering their backs, you will see a Necromorph being killed by Carver. The glipms is very short, but if we slow it down, you can see it better. Lets see... 1.- The Necromorph is small 2.- His skins is very pale; unlike the Feeders, whose skin is more inclined to the brown 3.- His arms are very thins, while Feeders' arms are thicker as approach to their hands, and... 4.- You can see an extension similar to those of Slashers (but less d…

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  • Dr Mutran

    Ellie's Eye

    June 6, 2012 by Dr Mutran

    I know many of us have been wondering how Ellie regained her eye if Stross removed it in DS2. Reading the wiki and in particular an article of one of the Ishimura's decks, I found something very interesting. (

    The Ishimura's BPC is a location on the vessel where crew members having suffered amputating injuries may come to have a biological prosthetic grafted on. These sorts of injuries seem to be frighteningly common aboard the Ishimura given the size of the BPC. The biological prosthetics are apparently created by means of cloning the individual, rapidly aging the clone to adulthood and then harvesting the prosthetic limb or organ from the clone; no mention of how in…

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  • Dr Mutran

    Or at least that is what it seems, as recently revealed new armors for Halo 4, one of the most anticipated games of 2012. It turns out that one of those armor, called Venator, bears a huge resemblance to the DS2's Advanced Suit! If you don't believe me, look at this:

    My opinion:

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  • Dr Mutran

    NEW HERO!!! (John Carver) NEW PLANET!! (Uxor) NEW NECROMORPHS!!! NEW MARKER!!! (Site 4)

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  • Dr Mutran

    How the title says, it's possible that May 30, the Xbox Magazine would reveal details of Dead Space 3!!!! Link to the magazine cover:

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