Ok so the other day I installed Dead Space on my laptop(READ: I have 2 LAPTOPS. 1 for programming and casual use and one for gaming) In any case i wanted DS on my programming one because its got all my recording crap on there, to makes teh mooviez and stuff. problem is that my laptop isnt really BUILT for gaming. I can run like.....Bioshock2.....barely.....and like World of Warcraft but thats about it. so i was all "ok, i'll put the game all on low specs and window it. AND THEN ill set it to run in 800x600 screen resolution. MUAHAHAHAHA!

well it really didnt turn out so well, i retract the previous laughter.(but not really)

in any case, it PLAYABLE at least. only im FRIGGIN STUCK ON CHAPTER 3 WITH THE ADS CANNON LOL! :*(

my framerate is so bad that i cant aim the damn thing, with my 360 controller or not.

so i asked myself: "dude, wtf are you doing lulz? you are such a noob"

and i answewred myself: "stfu.i wanted to record stuff"

then i asked myself: "why don't you just get like something like WeGame or the fr33 stuff maing? it's small so it wont take up room for ur gamez or uber leet hax.

so, in the end, i decided to put Dead Space on my gaming laptop, boosted the specs to full, and got WeGame for teh low, low price of free. ROXORZ BOXORZ!

anyways thats my story. thanks for listening!

DisMEMBAH 19:38, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

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