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    I'm Back!

    October 11, 2011 by DisMEMBAH

    Hey everyone!

    As the title may suggest, I am indeed back. And man am I sorry I dissapeared off the face of the Earth, seemingly.

    Things got really busy for me in the past year or so, and I haven't really had time for stuff like this. But I missed the fun times and awesome people, so, without further ado, I'M BACK BABY! DEAD SPACE 4 LIEF!


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    When Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition arrived at my house today, I promptly squealed like a girl.

    After the confused mailman left, I decided to make a video showcasing all DS2 Collector's Edition had to offer.

    And so I did.

    Click below to watch me struggle with cardboard and scissors, and ponder the usage of those air filled plastic thingies.


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    Greetings fellow Dead Space fans, and today...I had an idea.

    So, it's likely that I'm not the only one on here who pre-ordered Dead Space 2: Collector's Edition.

    That said, I thought I would make a video when I actually get it on the magical date of January the 25th, just so people who got the regular game could see what it contains and its packaging and all the collector's stuff and whatnot. I'd probably make a youtube vid, and after that, post that same video on here, on a separate blog post.

    So, if you like the idea, kudos to you! If you want to make your own unboxing video, go for it! It would be an awesome way to celebrate the release! Post, comment, and share opinions below, as per usual!


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    First off, I'd like to say a big thank you for your patience on this subject. Things have been really busy for me these days, and I haven't really found the time to just sit down and write.

    For the below in a nutshell, click the magical link below to be taken to my fanfiction profile forums page, where I will be posting, not only Dead Space stuff, but my other fiction works as well.

    If you're going to be lazy and not click, or for some reason it didn't work...then feel free to read on.

    It's been slow, but the updates are coming soon. I'm just really thinking about how to continue and include as much authentic and canon gameplay as I can, while not making it TOO much like the …

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    The Voice of Isaac Clarke

    December 21, 2010 by DisMEMBAH

    Hey guys!

    This may seem like old news...but hey it's Isaac right?

    This gentlemen below is Gunner Wright, the new voice of Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2!

    My opinion...I like it! He seems like the perfect voice. Very even, very practical, and a down to earth(if you'll pardon the pun) kind of voice.

    What are your guys thoughts on the voice of Isaac? Post em below!

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