I think a lot more people would play dead space 3 online if they put in a survival mode with 4 player online or 4 player offline with different maps on the planet of all sizes. They put in the stores to buy the medpacks ammo/guns and then benches to upgrade guns which each player gets one at the end of every round and then have the suit store where u get different suits. I also think u get points for shooting and killing the necromorphs like the zombie modes on cod but some necromorphs will drop ammo, medpacks, credits/points, and even power nodes. If they do the survival mode then they need to include all the necromorphs instead of the dead space 2 online mode when they only put four of the necromorphs. Also they need every suit to have 25 inventory slots and being able to have four guns in the inventory and it would be nice instead of killing a certain amount of N's u r able to buy different kill streaks like a security team/ gunship stuff like that. If u think the survival mode would be a good idea then share your ideas.

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