Dead Space


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July 11, 2012
  • DeadSpaceMaster

    It would be nice if they did the 2- player splitscreen campaign for people who don't have xbox live/ playstation network

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  • DeadSpaceMaster

    I think a lot more people would play dead space 3 online if they put in a survival mode with 4 player online or 4 player offline with different maps on the planet of all sizes. They put in the stores to buy the medpacks ammo/guns and then benches to upgrade guns which each player gets one at the end of every round and then have the suit store where u get different suits. I also think u get points for shooting and killing the necromorphs like the zombie modes on cod but some necromorphs will drop ammo, medpacks, credits/points, and even power nodes. If they do the survival mode then they need to include all the necromorphs instead of the dead space 2 online mode when they only put four of the necromorphs. Also they need every suit to have 2…

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