• DeadSpaceFan315

    Dead Space 3 Review (Twitter @deadspace)

    Hello Dead Space Team, here is my review of your HIGHLY, MOST ANTICIPATED game, MOST Wanted.. and that’s the name of Dead Space 3. I did see you guys on Twitter and followed up but never really created a Twitter account, so I created one to talk to you guys.. So, I mean how can I start this?! There’s SOO much I need to say about this.. I mean.. Dead Space is an AMAZING and TRULY FRICKEN SPECTACULAR in MANY ways.. I love the storyline, Isaac Clarke.. I love the weapons.. I love the necromorphs.. everything, I would say scariness, but here’s my explanation your installment of the first Dead Space scared me a lot, but as the series grew it didn’t scare me, I’m not saying you guys REALLY sucked at making …

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