• Dalek rex

    i was wondering wouldn't it be more epic and amazing if Dead space was rated E-10 for graphic violence. mild swearing. gore and nightmarefuel

    i am completely serious here

    people need to stop being such babies about bloodshed and things that are a natural part of life by letting all ages enjoy the horror on their Ps3

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  • Dalek rex

    they need to introduce a expy of albert wesker for the franchise who is out to absorb the power of the markers to become a god of evil like unicron or hexxus from ferngully. destroy the universe and then remake it in his own image

    it would be so awesome. a expy of albert wesker in dead space that suceeds in his plots of godhood and absorbs the markers powers to become a god of evil ready to conquer the universe

    and he should be voiced by david kaye

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