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Hey guys, here is a fanfiction story of Isaac's early relationship with Nicole. I wanted to add romance and an idea of how Isaac and Nicole met. My story will eventually lead up to the day Nicole leaves Isaac due to her promotion and assignment on the USG ISHIMURA".

DEAR DISCLAIMER ASSHOLES I don't own Dead Space, or the characters; Isaac Clarke and Nicole Brennan. The rest of the characters I created. Enjoy!

Ch.1: Love At First Sight

Ch.2: Gentle Demontrations Of Affection

Ch.3: Don't Fall For Her

Ch.4: First Date

Ch.5: Graduation

Ch.6: Meeting The Brennans

Ch.7: Returning Home

Ch.8: A Family Reunion

Ch.9: Injured

Ch.10: Awakening

Ch.11: A Great Lost

Ch.12: Isaac's Proposal

Ch.13: The Funeral

Ch.14: Revenge

Ch.15: Back In Nicole's Arms

Ch.16: The Ishimura

Ch.17: Nicole's Promotion

Ch.18: Decisions

Ch.19: Departure

Ch.20: Long Distance Apart

Ch.21: I Still Love You

Ch.22: Distress Call

Ch.23: In the Dead of Space

Chapter 1: Love at First Sight

It was Friday 7:57 am, and the college campus was empty. Students were already sitting in class ready for the day's lessons. Isaac was running into a large building labeled, Engineering, Architecture, And Related Science. "Danmit, I'm late!" Isaac said to himself. He wasn't usually late. Actually, he can't recall any tardies since the school year started. He turned a corner and ran into another student. She was getting something from her locker. That's when Isaac collided into her. She fell to the floor with a thud. He tripped on her legs and hit the locker door, head-on. Isaac fell on top of her. Feeling another body, he quickly got to his feet. But as he rose, he hit the back of his head on the locker door again. Isaac grunted in anguish.

"Oh dear, are you alright?" she asked, sounding very concerned.

Isaac didn't answer, due to the large amount of pain.

"Here, let me take a look." She said kindly.

She placed her hands on his face and gently pulled his head down to examine the injuries. Isaac shivered to the sensational feel of her warm hands on his face. As if mentally healed, he sighed softly. Then he slowly unsealed his eyes, as if the pain flowed out of his head. For he saw the most blessedest thing he had ever seen. For he saw his Love. They stared into one another's eyes for a while. Then Isaac finally spoke.

"'re beautiful." Isaac said nervously.

The girl giggled.

"How hard did you hit your head?" she asked with a smile.

Isaac laughed, and then smiled back at her. There's something special about her. Isaac thought to himself. Her hands left his face. Isaac suddenly felt cold, as if the girl was his source of life that had left him.

"You have a pretty bruised up forehead, do you want me to take you to the nurse?" she asked kindly.

"No it's ok, I'm fine. Besides, I'm late for class." He said.

"Oh by the way, I'm Isaac Clarke, Engineering." He said with an open hand.

"Nicole Brennan, Medical Science." She said kindly.

The two shook hands.

"Do you want to sit with me at lunch?" Nicole asked.

"Yeah, sure! I'll see you then." Isaac sounded delighted.

"Ok, meet me in courtyard 4 and table 6. I'll be there waiting for you." said Nicole.

"Alright, look forward to lunch." Isaac said with a big smile.

Nicole just smiled back with a little laugh. She waved goodbye and disappeared behind a door labeled Med Lab 3. Isaac felt his heart tingle. He sighed and drifted off into thought as he hurried down the hallway.

Chapter 2: Gentle Demonstrations of Affection

When the bell rang for lunch, Isaac quickly rushed to courtyard 4. When Isaac arrived, he was surprised. It was actually less crowded than where he usually eats. Only about 12 people were in the courtyard including him. Then he saw Nicole sitting at a table. She waved and beckoned to Isaac. He walked quickly towards her. He sat in front of her and kept his gaze on her beautiful face.

"Hey Isaac, how was class?"

"Boring, all we did was review." He said frowning at her.

"You still have that nasty bruise." Nicole pointed out.

"As of now, I am a Junior Medical Officer in training." She said happily.

"That's great news. If I get hurt, I now know who to go to." He said sarcastically.

They both laughed. They both found out that, they had a lot in common. After they finished their lunch, Nicole placed her hand on his. Isaac looked at Nicole lovingly.

"Come on Isaac, let's go for a walk."

Isaac was delighted and said yes. They walked around the campus for a while, holding hands. They walked up staircases, through doors, and around courtyards. They talked about each other's history and experiences. They grew very interested in each other. They finally stopped at a tree. It was a huge, old, and majestic tree.

Two of its roots were shaped like snakes, coiling around each other. Isaac drifted off into his thoughts, imagining himself as a snake. As a snake, coiling around her and embracing her. Isaac thought it would be a good idea to sit in between the roots. Nicole and Isaac slowly got down and sat within the tree's roots. The tree itself looked like it was hugging them. Isaac found the courage to wrap an arm around Nicole. Then he pulled her closer with all his strength. Nicole smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Then she dropped her head gently onto his chest. Nicole slowly closed her eyes and listened to Isaac's heart, beating lovingly. Isaac placed his head on top of her head and closed his eyes as well. He strove hard to tell her that he loved her dearly but, he couldn't find his inner strength. He felt her hand run into his pocket. He opened his eyes and looked down, for Nicole was looking up at him smiling.

"It's ok, it's my phone number." she said.

Isaac opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by the bell. It was time to get back to class.

"Ah, crap...." Isaac said, disappointed.

The two stood up with frowning faces. Nicole told Isaac to call her after school. He nodded and she embraced a quick goodbye. Then they both disappeared in the crowds of students.

Chapter 3: Don't Fall For Her

When Isaac returned to his room, it was 5:31 pm. His room mate, James was waiting for him.

"Hey Isaac, how was your day?"

"My day was, wonderful...."

James thought this was unusual. Isaac usually never said, wonderful.

"So, where were you at lunch?"

"Well, I was..with this....girl."

"Ooooohhhh, is someone in love?" James teased.

Isaac wanted to seem strong against James, but he faced the facts. He did love Nicole, dearly. And, it's only been a day.

"Well, what can I say James? Nicole just puts warmth in my heart. I love her and I'm pretty sure she loves me back." Isaac said confidently.

"So that's her name. Well, I was once in love, too. Her name was Alice. Our relationship was......magical. But then, she shattered my poor heart into a million pieces. I was completely devastated. I don't want to see that happen to you. You're my best friend." James said frowning, staring at the floor. Then Isaac spoke.

"I am sorry James but, Nicole is different. I really think she loves me. I can feel it." Isaac said putting a hand on James' shoulder. Later Isaac called Nicole, and made arrangements to go to Rocky Point Beach the next day, which was Saturday. Nicole was delighted and accepted his offer. When the conversation ended, Isaac stared at the ceiling fan, thinking about Nicole. The feel of her skin, and the lovely smell of her hair. Isaac closed his eyes with a smile on his face. He exhaled, then fell soundly asleep. It had been a long day.

Chapter 4: First Date

It was 12:22 pm, and Isaac was on his way to pick up Nicole. He walked to building 5, and went to the second floor. Nicole was waiting for him outside her door. Today she wore a bright green t-shirt that had blue line designs, twisting around towards the back of the shirt. Se was also wearing dark blue shorts that went down to her knees. Nicole had a small camera bag wrapped around her shoulder and neck. When Isaac approached her, she embraced a hug. Isaac felt her warmth again. Isaac was happy to have Nicole back in his arms.

"Hey Isaac. Already to go?"

"Yup." He said happily.

"So how are we going to get there? It's a long walk from here." She asked.

"I'm driving us there. Well, further away from the main shore, because it's always busy. I'm taking you where my parents used to take me as a child, where it's peaceful." Isaac said softly, putting a hand on her face.

"That's very sweet of you, Isaac. I didn't know you had a car."

"I do. Let's go." Isaac slid his hand from her face, down her arm and into her hand. He smiled and then they went. They walked into the parking lot and approached a black, slender vehicle. Isaac stood in front on the driver door. A voice came to life. “IDENTIFICATION, PLEASE" the voice said. A holographic screen appeared on the door. Isaac placed his hand on the holographic display. "IDENTIFYING" The voice said. " HELLO ISAAC CLARKE". The car's doors lifted up and slid open. The two got into their seats. Isaac pressed a button on the ceiling of the car, and then the doors slid back down and closed with a locking sound. Isaac started the engine. The car slowly began to hover. Isaac reversed out of the parking lot and drove off. The car glided over the road, like a seagull slightly touching the water. Nicole turned her eyes to Isaac.


"Yeah Nicole?"

"Do you remember that cars usually ran on the road?"

"Yeah.... When I was six years old, these new cars came into the picture. Eventually, they became popular and everyone bought them. Even my parents. "Isaac said with a quick glance at Nicole. He had to keep his eyes on the road.

"I want to meet your parents someday, Isaac."

"I don't know, maybe." Isaac said with a frown.

They traveled for 15 minutes then the car came to a stop. For they have arrived, in front of the beautiful sandy beach. Isaac turned off the engine and the car slowly lowered itself to the ground. Isaac, unbuckled himself and sighed, turning to Nicole. She unbuckled as well.

"How come you think that?" She asked softly.

"Uh, Nicole, my parents are divorced." He said sadly. Nicole wrapped a comforting arm around Isaac, as he stared at the sand.

"My dad works all the time. I usually don't see him for a couple of years or so. My mom is a Unitologist; she left me before I left for college. She only cared about herself. I haven't heard from them in awhile. My grandparents just past away and I don't have any aunts or uncles." Isaac's eyes were welling up. Nicole was heartbroken, Isaac had no real family. She began to tear. Isaac noticed this, so he tried to change the subject.

"Hey, don't be sorry for me. I'm with you now, which matters more to me. All of this, about my family has mad my heart cold. But you Nicole, you warmed up my poor heart." Isaac said softly. Nicole tried hard to pull back her tears, but couldn't.

"Come on Nicole, let's go."

Isaac was right. It was more peaceful here than the main shore. The two walked on the sand, holding hands. Nicole caught photos of dolphins leaping out of the water. The dolphins are smaller than their ancestors. Due to climate change, most of the dolphin's prey, perished. Thus making the dolphins smaller with smaller stomachs. The ocean's water flowed up the sand, surrounding Isaac and Nicole, grabbing their feet. Nicole held Isaac close as her legs shivered. Isaac gave out a small chuckle. They continued down the shore. The two slowly came to a stop. Nicole turned towards Isaac and wrapped her arms around his neck. Isaac slid his arms against her sides, eventually wrapping his arms around her waist. Then Nicole spoke.

"Isaac, I am sorry about your family. Maybe, perhaps, I can welcome you into my family."

"You would do that? For me?"

"Of course Isaac. I love you."

Nicole's sentence struck Isaac like lightning. He lost his balance for a moment. Isaac took a gulp and spoke.

"Do you believe in, love at first sight?" He asked.

Nicole giggled and brought her face towards his. Their lips met. Nicole slowly stroked the back of Isaac's neck where the hairline met the skin, with her fingertips. Isaac was rubbing her back with his right hand. This was a charming picture of young, unsatisfied love. But the moment was short lived. For they were interrupted by children. Two boys and one girl.

"Eeewww, what are they doing?" One said.

They're kissing, GROSS! The other boy said. Then they heard the girl's voice coming closer.

"Kiss me Anthony, kiss me!" She giggled. She was just joking around.

"Ah! Here she comes! Let's get out of here Jacob!" Anthony yelled to his friend.

Anthony and Jacob sprinted across the shore, trying to escape the girl. The two lovers just watched the children. They laughed together. Isaac faced Nicole and pressed his lips against hers again. It was 3:15 pm when they returned. Isaac walked Nicole all the way to her room door.

"Thanks Isaac, I had a great time."

"Yeah, me too."

Nicole step into her room half way then turned to look at Isaac, one last time.

"I love you, Isaac."

"Love you too, Nicole."

Nicole disappeared behind her door. Isaac sighed happily. He whistled a tune as he walked back to his room.

Chapter 5: Graduation

Isaac and Nicole's relationship bond continued to grow stronger and stronger. Eventually, they both thought about marriage. But they put that aside, instead, working hard to get their degrees.

2 years later.....

Isaac and Nicole got their degrees by helping each other. Isaac, a Chief Engineer, and Nicole a Medical Officer. They were both excited about leaving college and finally starting their careers, together. It was 11:15 am and all the students were sitting at the center of the campus. Each student was congratulated individually. When Isaac was next, Nicole stood up from the crowd and blew him a kiss. Isaac smiled, showing all teeth. When the ceremony was done. The students started to pack up. The college allowed the students to stay one more month, so they could figure out where to stay. Isaac didn't know what to do from here. His mom lived on another planet, far from the Earth System. His dad was still gone. James was already gone. He was assigned to the USG ISHIMURA, in Communications. Isaac was already packed; he was going to meet up with Nicole in her room. But before Isaac left, he walked around his room for one last look of the place. He sighed, and then left. When he arrived, Nicole was talking to someone on the phone.

"Yes I know.... I want to come tonight but, I haven't finished packing and my room mate left this place as a mess. Well, I'll call when I'm done. Ok, I love you too Mom, bye." Nicole sighed in frustration. Isaac came from behind and hugged her, placing his head on her shoulder.

"What's the matter?" He asked, directly in her ear.

"My Mom wants me to come home tonight, but I'm not done packing, and this place is a mess. I told her I'd be home tomorrow. Oh, and you're coming with me. It's a surprise for my parents." She said with a smile.

"Well, if we're going tomorrow, let's get to work." Isaac said. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then started cleaning. Nicole continued to pack her things. By the time they were done, it was 7:12 pm. Isaac made a quick run to store, leaving Nicole, prepping their bed. They never slept together before. Well, I guess this is our first night. Nicole thought to herself. Isaac returned exhausted, putting the food on the table then collapsing on the couch. He closed his eyes. Minutes later, he felt Nicole's warm hands on his face, and her warm lips on his. When he barely opened his eyes, Nicole giggled.

"Get up sweetie; you can sleep after we eat." Nicole said, giving him another kiss. Isaac nodded and arose from the couch. After eating, Isaac asked where he was sleeping. When Nicole answered, he lifted his eyebrows in wonder. Nicole smiled, showing her beautiful, straight, white teeth. She was the first to get into bed. Nicole got comfortable and waited for Isaac. He approached her slowly and climbed into bed. He laid beside her and turned the lamp off. Isaac dropped his head slowly onto the pillow as he was getting used to Nicole's body heat, flowing into him. Isaac gently rubbed her side as they began to snuggle. Nicole was nestling on his chest, as if she was making her way into his heart. All the warmth was making Isaac sleepy, even Nicole was falling asleep too. Isaac kissed her gently on the lips and held her in his arms as they drifted off into sleep.

Chapter 6: Meeting The Brennans

Isaac was still asleep when Nicole got up. Nicole tried to get him up, but all Isaac could hear was Nicole's faint voice, calling his name. "Isaac, Isaac, Isaac come on. Get up". Eventually Nicole started tickling him on the neck, which woke him up. As if trying to get revenge, Isaac grabbed Nicole and put her on the bed, tickling her armpits. Nicole roared with laughter. Isaac brought his face to her neck and started nibbling. The neck and armpits were Nicole's weak spots. She continued to laugh, begging Isaac to stop. Then Isaac stopped, letting Nicole recover, as her laughter died out.

"Ah, that made my day." Isaac said, still laughing at the side of his mouth. Still slightly giggling, Nicole spoke.

"Come on, let's have coffee." She said happily. Isaac helped Nicole off the bed and they both exited the room. Isaac and Nicole were sitting on the couch drinking their coffee. Nicole picked up her phone and called her mother.

"Hey Mom, I'm coming today!"

"Oh, that's great new sweetie! Your dad and I are excited. Oh, when are you planning for us to meet Isaac?" Nicole had talked about Isaac frequently with her mom, ever since she met him.

"Oh, soon Mom." She said smiling at Isaac. Isaac did his best to smile back, he was nervous. What if her parents don't like me? Isaac thought to himself. When the conversation ended, Nicole came to the couch and lowered herself to sit next to Isaac. She put her cup on the side table, and started cuddling Isaac. Nicole's smile disappeared when she saw Isaac frowning.

"What's wrong Isaac?"

Isaac sighed and looked at Nicole.

"I'm worried that, your parents won't like me."

"Oh Isaac, they’re my parents, they love me, and they'll love you too. My mom is dying to meet you. I've told her about our relationship."

Isaac took a gulp, as if telling her parents about their love was a bad idea. Nicole noticed this; she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and sighed.

"Please Isaac, just don't worry. Who knows, you and my dad may have a lot in common."

Nicole dropped her head onto his chest. Isaac laid his head on top of her head, and closed his eyes, praying that she was right. Isaac drove while Nicole gave directions. When they approached the house, Nicole's parents busted out of the front door to greet her, unknowingly that Isaac came too. Nicole was suffocating in her mom's grasp as her dad waited for his turn. That's when Isaac stood before them. Isaac smiled with outstretched hand.

"Hello, I'm Isaac Clarke. Nice to meet you Mr. Brennan."

Mr. Brennan took Isaac's hand and gave it a good shake.

"Good to meet you too, Isaac." He said with a welcoming smile.

Nicole's mom then realized something, and then she spoke.

"So you're Isaac. Our daughter has frequently talked about you. Ah, it's good to finally meet you." She said kindly. Isaac quickly glanced at Nicole, smiling. Then her mom spoke again.

"Come on you two, I've just made some fresh lemonade." Mrs. Brennan said happily. Mr. Brennan nudged Isaac's shoulder, hinting that his wife's lemonade was the bomb. They entered the house and the mom passed over cold glasses of lemonade. Nicole had a lot of catching up to do with her dad. Nicole embraced a quick hug for Isaac then disappeared with her dad. Mrs. Brennan placed a hand on his shoulder. Mrs. Brennan and Isaac talked for awhile.

"You know, you’re her first boyfriend. All she really cared about in school was her career. You must be very special to her. She has told me everything about you two." Mrs. Brennan said with a smile. Isaac smiled back.

"Have you ever thought of proposing?” She asked suddenly. Isaac was surprised by her question. Isaac just had his mouth open as if trying to say something, but couldn't. Then when Isaac was about to reply, Nicole walked in. She sat next to Isaac and wrapped her arms around him.

"Whacha guys talking about?" She asked. Then Isaac spoke, very nervously.

"Um....we...were talking about....uh..." Then Mrs. Brennan spoke.

"We were talking about you two." She said cheerfully. Mr. Brennan walked into the room and asked Isaac to come speak with him. Nicole stood next to her mom as she watched Isaac disappear behind a corner.

"Nicole, I think he's the one for you."

"Mom, of course he's the one. He loves me. He tells me that everyday. And.... I love him too." Nicole said with blushing red cheeks. Mr. Brennan talked to Isaac about their relationship. Isaac found it annoying that her parents only talked about them. But, he went with it.

"I have no problem with you loving my daughter. I do have a problem if you hurt her, or if she runs off without you or us. I really like you Isaac. You seem like a very nice guy. My wife is already treating you like a son. I want to also. But, can I trust you Isaac?"

Isaac thought about it for a moment. Then answered.

"You can trust me, Mr. Brennan." Isaac said.

"Good. Well, for starters, call me Dad for now on."

"Are you sure about that?" Isaac asked, confused.

"Of course. You're apart of the family now." He said giving Isaac a hug. Isaac realized then, he had a family. The two men returned to their women. Isaac kept his eyes on his lover. Nicole's parents hugged each other, and then left the room.

"We'll give you two some privacy." Mrs. Brennan said, winking at Nicole. Nicole just silently laughed to herself. She turned to see Isaac standing behind her, ready for a hug. She hugged him so tightly, Isaac began to suffocate.

"Nic....Nicole, I can't breathe."

"Oh, sorry Isaac." She stopped squeezing, but still held her Isaac close.

"Your parents really like me Nicole." He said happily.

"See! I told you everything would be alright."

The two lovers, continued hugging, and then joined her parents outside in the backyard.

Chapter 7: Returning Home

Several weeks passed, Isaac and Nicole bought an apartment. Houses weren't well on the market, so they decided to live in an apartment together. They were both happy, with their careers and with each other. Isaac was sitting on the bed in their room, thinking about what Mrs. Brennan asked him. "Have you ever thought of proposing?" The sentence echoed through his mind. I will do it, I will propose to Nicole...eventually. Isaac thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by Nicole, who just came home from work. She glided into Isaac's arms, like a dog returning to its master. Isaac dropped his head onto her shoulder, then started nibbling and kissing her neck. Nicole closed her eyes, smiling, letting Isaac continue showing his affection and love for her. Nicole slowly rubbed his shoulders and neck. Isaac couldn't be any happier. Eventually, he made his way to her lips. This was heaven for Isaac, after the day's long work, he can finally relax and spend some time with his love. Isaac dislocked his lips from Nicole's, staring into her blue eyes. His head held low.

"Nicole, I am yours, and you are mine." He said softly. Nicole brought his forehead to her forehead. When they touched, she replied back to him.

"Forever and ever." She said. They closed their eyes, holding each other in their arms, not moving at all. Similar to what Emperor Penguins do, when they show their love. They were interrupted by an incoming transmission on the computer. Isaac sighed, and slowly released Nicole from his grasp. Then he approached the beeping computer.

"It's a transmission from....from my... Dad?" Isaac said, surprised. Nicole leaped onto his back with excitement.

"Really?! Open the transmission Isaac!"

Isaac did so, and a woman appeared on the screen. It was Miss Gina, one of his dad's housekeepers. Isaac didn't really like his dad having housekeepers, and a huge mansion because, he was usually never home.

"Isaac you- my god, you've grown! My, you're starting to look like your father. Anyways, your father is returning tomorrow at 2:45 pm. I highly suggest you come, it'll be a family reunion!"

Nicole looked at Isaac with begging eyes. She knew Isaac was mad at his dad for a number of reasons, but still, it's his dad. Isaac understood her facial language.

"Alright, we'll be there." He said, slightly frustrated.

"We? Who's with you? Do you have a girlfriend? A soul mate? Oh, your father will be excited about the news! Well, I've got to go; need to make this place ready for the master. Goodbye Isaac!" The transmission closed. Isaac backed away from the computer, shocked because of his father's return. Nicole approached him slowly.

"I'm scared Nicole. I haven't seen my dad in years."

"Hey, don't be scared. This the time you two get to catch up, and I finally get to meet him. Come on Isaac, be brave, be strong." Nicole kissed him on the cheek, and got an outfit ready for the next day. A few hours later, they were comfortable in their nice warm bed. Nicole rolled herself onto Isaac's chest, placing her ear to his beating heart. Listening to Isaac's heart helped Nicole fall asleep every night. When Isaac couldn't sleep on some nights, Nicole sang lullabies to him. Even though they were childhood songs, they still put Isaac into a deep sleep. Nicole usually sang Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star because space always fascinated them both. Tonight, Isaac couldn't sleep. He was too nervous about meeting his father. Nicole noticed this, and brought her lips to his ear. She started to sing softly and quietly, almost whispering.

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky...."

Isaac eyes began to flutter slowly. He didn't want to go to sleep; there was just too much going on in his head. His eyes were shut for a moment but opened again. Isaac finally gave up, and listened to Nicole's loving voice. Isaac's imagination took over. He saw distant stars, colorful galaxies, exploding super novas, beautiful nebulas, and dying stars circling around him. Finally his eyes closed shut. Isaac began to inhale and exhale soundly. Nicole smiled. Her singing worked, yet again. She placed her head on his chest again, and fell asleep.

Chapter 8: A Family Reunion

Isaac awoke at 7:23 am, during the cold early morning. He found himself alone, but could still hear Nicole's faint voice, coming from the other side of the apartment. Isaac tried hard to get out of bed, for he felt very weak. He slowly lifted his legs up, and placed his feet on the soft carpet floor. Isaac placed his hands on his knees, trying to regain his senses. His vision was distorted and faded in and out. He moaned softly to himself. Then his vision returned. He looked up and saw Nicole standing in front of him. She approached with outstretched arms, and lowered herself to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and placed his head on top her breast. Isaac was still tired, and fell asleep as Nicole stroked his head and neck. Nicole kept at it for about a few minutes, until she heard him snore. Nicole giggled quietly. Isaac's eyes unsealed, and he tried hard to smile.

"Go take a shower sweetie. That should wake you up." Nicole commanded nicely. Isaac just groaned as he nodded, and made his way to the bathroom. He made very short strides, Nicole watched him just in case if he collapsed. Isaac pulled his shirt over his head, and continued undressing. He stepped into the shower and turned on the water. Suddenly, hundreds of freezing water drops fell on his face. Isaac shivered, and quickly turned the faucet to warm. His body slowly stopped shaking, as he got used to the temperature. Isaac stood still as the water flowed down his body. Washing away his thoughts and worries about his dad. Everything will fine, like what Nicole said. Nicole was usually, always right. When Isaac was getting dressed, he could hear Nicole singing from the kitchen. Isaac smiled with happiness, as if his true self, finally awakened. Nicole was drinking coffee on the couch, watching TV. Isaac's cup of coffee that Nicole already made for him was waiting for him on the counter. He grabbed his cup and sat next to her. Isaac kissed her on the cheek and thanked her for the coffee. Nicole put her cup on the living room table gently. She placed her head on his shoulder, and slid her arm around Isaac's strong, muscular arm. Isaac looked at her lovingly, and then brought his attention to the TV screen. It was the USG ISHIMURA, and it just completed its 34th planet crack. Nicole rubbed Isaac's shoulder with her head, like a cat rubbing its neck against its owner's leg. Isaac adjusted a pillow and laid down, bringing Nicole down with him. Isaac laid beside her and wrapped and arm around her waist. Nicole placed her hand on top of his and gave it a slight squeeze. Isaac pulled her closer and placed his head on her neck, facing the TV. Nicole turned her head towards him and spoke.

"Hey, I'm excited abut meeting your dad. Are you?" She asked. Isaac stared into her dark, blue eyes. He was thinking hard about her question. Nicole rotated her body against Isaac's so she didn't have to pull her head, beyond the limit to look at him. She stared into his eyes. Nicole always found Isaac's eyes to be beautiful. They were blue too, but had thin strips of a lighter blue, swirling around. She describes this design as an "icy texture". Nicole could see the Artic Sea in his eyes. Isaac loved it when Nicole used her imagination to explain the world, and why things are the way they are. Then Isaac opened his mouth, and replied.

"Yeah I'm excited, and slightly nervous." He said. Nicole just smiled and brought her head close to his chest.

"Everything will be fine Isaac. Don't worry." She said softly. Hours later, they were on their way to his dad's house. When thy approached the house, Nicole gasped in amazement.

"Your dad's house is beautiful Isaac!"

"Yeah....." Isaac said with a slightly angry face. Miss Gina was waiting for them. Isaac parked the car and walked up to Miss Gina, keeping a firm but gently grip on Nicole.

"Welcome back Isaac. Who's this?" Miss Gina asked. Nicole put her hand out and spoke.

"Hello, I'm Nicole Brennan. You must be Miss Gina." The two women shook hands.

"I'm sorry Isaac, your father left 20 minutes ago, to do a quick run to his office. He'll be back shortly. Oh, and he doesn't know that you're here." Miss Gina said, winking.

"Ok, we'll wait inside." He said. As they walked into the house, Miss Gina spoke.

"Isaac, why don't you show Nicole your old room." Isaac looked back at her and nodded. Isaac and Nicole walked up the winding staircase. The two arrived at the third level, and went down the hall to a door, with a sign written in green marker. It was labeled, Isaac's Room. Nicole laughed quietly to herself when she saw the sign, knowing that Isaac wrote it when he was a child. Isaac opened the door, and saw his memories. The things he kept from his childhood were still sitting in his room, undisturbed. Nicole walked over to the shelves that were cluttered with trophies, awards and ribbons. Nicole noticed Isaac's trophies ranged from 2nd place to 1st place. Isaac got them from science conventions, engineering solutions tests, and overall knowledge completions. Nicole was impressed. She turned to look at him, but Isaac wasn't looking back at her. His eyes were busy examining the entire room. Suddenly, he lost his balance, and collapsed to his knees. Nicole ran to him quickly and knelt beside him. She wrapped an arm around him and shook him a bit, to get his attention.

"Isaac, are you alright? What's wrong my love? She asked sounding very concerned. Isaac exhaled, and then looked at Nicole.

"I'm sorry Nicole. There's just, too many memories in here. Memories when I was with both of my parents. I....I just need a minute." He said softly.

"I respect that. I'll just.... give you....your alone time and space." She said, rubbing his shoulder. She rose up and left the room, leaving Isaac alone, with his thoughts. Isaac knelt in his room for awhile until he found the strength to get back on his feet. He made his way to his old desk, which had several framed photos. Isaac picked one of them up in his hand. With his other hand, he wiped the dust off. Under the thick layer of gray, dirty dust, was a family. Isaac's eyes slowly examined the photo. He saw his parents, when they were together, standing behind and teenaged boy. It was himself. Ah, this was High School Graduation. He said in his mind. Isaac stared at his younger self. He realized that he had changed a lot since the photo was taken. Well, that was six years ago. Isaac laughed. He then realized he had been in the room longer than he thought, so he left to go find Nicole. When he arrived on the first floor, he heard voices coming from the dining room. He continued down into the large room and saw two figures standing near a large glass window. A tall man was standing in front of Nicole, holding her hands. It was his dad, Paul Clarke. Isaac's mouth dropped open as his eyes were sent upon his father. Nicole turned her head and saw her lover. She came to Isaac and embraced him with a hug.

"Hey Isaac, I just met your dad. He is so like you! Very kind, sweet, caring, and funny." Nicole sighed then spoke again.

"Just like my Isaac." She said with a loving smile. Isaac smiled with joy, and then his eyes fell upon his father. Paul opened his arms, with a tear rolling over his cheek, ready for a hug. Isaac ran into his arms. Both son and father were sobbing. Nicole smiled as she left the room and into the kitchen with Miss Gina.

"Isaac, my son, you've grown so much! I've missed you!" Paul announced.

"Me too dad." Isaac said as he sniffled.

"You need to shave Isaac." His dad said with a smile. Both men laughed. Isaac and Paul went outside on the balcony to continue their conversations, which lasted throughout the day. Meanwhile, the two women were getting along perfectly.

"What exactly does Paul, work at?" Nicole asked.

"Well, he works at the GALATIC UNION MARINE CORP. He's a ship architect. Usually leaves to work on extended-world tours. When Isaac was born, he was home for four years. When Paul left, Isaac's mother; Octivia, was completely affected by his absence. So she turned to the Church of Unitology for help. During her sessions, I took care of Isaac. When Paul returned, Isaac was about 12 years old, already grown up. I remember the moment when Paul stepped foot through that door. Isaac grabbed my arm and kept on asking me 'Miss Gina, Miss Gina! Who is that man?'It broke my heart; the young boy didn't know his own father."

Miss Gina wiped a tear away then continued.

"Octivia and Paul got into a fight the night he came back. She wanted to know why he was gone for so long. He couldn't reply, it's classified work. That was the night when Isaac became outraged with his father. Leaving Isaac to grow up by himself was Paul's greatest regret; he told me that earlier today. Weeks later, Octivia decided to get a divorce, and they did. Octivia ran off to another planet with the church, far away from here. The last time I saw her was at Isaac's High School Graduation Ceremony. I never liked her; she seemed to only care about herself. She bought a vested-level in the church using the family's money, even Isaac's scholarship money. Isaac was furious."

Nicole looked at the floor, everything makes sense now. Isaac's hate for the Unitologists, his mother, and father. No wonder he never spoke of this to me. Oh, Isaac... Nicole spoke in her mind. Hours later, Isaac and Paul returned to Nicole in the kitchen. He embraced her with a graceful hug.

"Sorry it took a while, had a lot of catching up to do." He said.

"No, no, it's ok Isaac. I had Miss Gina to talk to." The two left giving Paul a hug, and promised to come visit some time on the weekend. They waved goodbye to Paul and Miss Gina, then disappearing into the darkness of night.

Chapter 9: Injured

6 months later....

It was 7:15 am, and the two lovers were awake, getting ready for work. Nicole slid her doctor coat on and zipped it up. Isaac walked into the closet and approached a metal machine. A holographic screen appeared and he scrolled down to a file labeled, Isaac's RIG. Isaac activated the file and the machine's doors opened. Isaac stepped inside, and then the doors closed. He put his arms up and the machine went to work. It slid his engineering protection suit on, and then attached pieces of copper armor on his chest, back, arms, legs, and hands. At the bottom of the machine, two compartments opened. His boot rose out of the compartments slowly. Isaac put his feet inside, his RIG made a snap sound, signaling that his entire RIG was attached. Then, a compartment from the ceiling opened. Isaac's helmet was being lowered by the robotic hands of the machine. It placed the helmet over his head, and then his helmet made a hissing sound. It was locked in place. The doors opened and heavily armored Isaac stepped out. After that, he took his helmet off and joined Nicole in the living room. When the clock reached 8:21 am they left, into the garage. Isaac kissed Nicole goodbye, and got into his car. Nicole got into the car next to Isaac's, it was her car. It was the same model and design like his car, but her car was dark blue. They both drove off into separate directions. Isaac droved into the docks of the new ships that were being built for future planet cracks, the USG PHOENIX and the USG VICTORIA. Isaac put is helmet back on and walked towards the USG PHOENIX.

"Isaac, Isaac where are you." A voice said in his helmet.

"Coming inside George, be there in a minute." Isaac replied. The ship needed some fixing so George and Isaac were both assigned to the USG PHOENIX. George always looked up to Isaac as a superior, because Isaac knew more and had many engineering solutions. When Isaac met up with George, there was trouble. Some of the pipes in the Engine Room were withstanding a lot of pressure. Isaac and George's boss Martin told them to go down there to fix the problem. The two men quickly got to work once in Engineering. George took a break and watched Isaac using his strength to rotate the knobs of the pipes, releasing most the pressure.

"What the hell are you doing?! Come help me!" Isaac screamed, trying to carry his voice over the hissing sounds. George hesitated, but went to work. Isaac pointed and several pipes, then he disappeared to fix other pipes. George pulled on the knobs as hard as he can. They all released pressure except for two major pipes. George continued to pull on the knobs, but they wouldn't move. Isaac returned panting.

"Did, you fix these pipes?" Isaac asked impatiently.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah I did." George said, sounding unconfident. Isaac approached the pipes. He examined them closely, and then suddenly a high-pitched sound filled the air. A pipe was blown out of its braces, and hit Isaac's Heads Up Display. Isaac closed his eyes quickly before the pipe met the glass of his helmet. Pieces of the glass flew into his face and tore up his smooth skin. Isaac cried in pain. Another pipe was blown out, and hit Isaac on his left side. It broke several of Isaac's ribs. He coughed out a mouthful of warm, dark red blood. Isaac grunted in anguish as he fell to the metal floor. A loud clank sound echoed through the room. George ran and lowered himself to Isaac. As he looked through Isaac's helmet to see his face, he gasped. Pieces of blue glass stuck out of his face. Isaac twitched as blood flowed out of his facial injuries. George carried Isaac over his shoulder to the Bridge.

"Don't worry man; I'm getting you out of here!"

Isaac didn't answer; he was in so much pain.

"What the hell-" Martin began, but was interrupted by George.

"Isaac's hurt badly; I need to take him to Medical." George said out of breath.

"Medical is still under construction." Martin said.

"Augh, we need to get Isaac to a hospital and fast!" George yelled. Isaac muttered something, so George put his ear to the injured engineer.

"Nicole.... Call...Nic…Nicole." Isaac said softly as he exhaled.

"Right! Nicole's a doctor! Don't worry Isaac; I'll get you to her!" George said, trying to lighten the mood. In minutes, Isaac was on his way to the hospital. George called Nicole.

"Hello?" Nicole answered the phone happily.

"Nicole, it's George! Listen, Isaac is on his way to your hospital!"

"Oh my god, what happened to him? Please, please tell me!" Nicole begged on the verge of tears.

"He was hit by two pipes in Engineering." He said sadly.

"Alright, thank you George." Nicole said. Her patient realized she was tearing. She was a senior, around her 60s.

"What's the matter dear?" She asked kindly.

"My boyfriend was in an accident earlier, and is on his way here." Nicole said staring at the floor.

"Go on dear, go help him." She said with a smile.

"But we haven't done your checkup yet." Nicole said wiping her tears.

"Aw, my checkup can wait. Now, go find your man!"

The old woman said with a laugh. Nicole nodded and left to find Isaac. As Nicole ran down stairs to the front desk, she heard Isaac's cries of pain. It was coming from the Emergency Area. She sprinted as fast as she could down the hall. Nicole came to a halt took look through the rooms' windows. After looking through the fourth window she found her injured love, Isaac. So much chaos was going on in the room. Several doctors were trying to hold him down firmly, other were pulling out the glass fragments. Isaac's painful screaming turned into heartbreaking whimpering. Nicole couldn't stand it anymore; she opened the door and made her way to him.

"Dr. Brennan, what are you doing here?"

"That doesn't matter right now. Why are you restraining him? It's clear the patient doesn't like that. You are not treating my patient right." Nicole barked out to them.

"What makes him your patient?" One doctor asked.

"He's my boyfriend. Now he doesn’t need six doctors, Dr. Bolt you stay with me. The rest of you leave." Nicole commanded.

The doctors left with faces of shame. To them, Nicole was the boss. She cared for her patients; she knew the behaviors of distress, better than anyone. Nicole came to Isaac, and finished pulling out the glass fragments. She stroked his hair at the same time, and did so calmly. Isaac closed his eyes to the sensational feel, he was happy to be in Nicole's care. When she finished the task, Nicole started applying on the bandages, which stretched far across Isaac's face. His right eye suffered some damage as well, so Nicole applied a soft white fabric on his eye. Now his vision was reduced to one eye. Isaac smiled up at her. She smiled too, but then her lips curled down becoming a frown, she sighed. Nicole spoke to Dr. Bolt.

"What's the problem?" She asked.

"Well, Isaac has three broken and two fractured ribs on his left side. Surgery will have to be done to make sure that the bone fragments aren't puncturing any organs. Uh, the process will have to be done slowly because he is very weak and is in tremendous pain."

Nicole looked down to Isaac with a sad face. Her Isaac was in very bad shape. Dr. Bolt and Nicole prepared the room for surgery by getting the required equipment. Moments before the surgery, Nicole knelt down to Isaac and spoke to him softly.

"Hey, we're going to do the surgery now. Everything is going to be fine. I mean, I hope everything will be alright." Nicole said with a tear running down her cheek. Isaac struggled as he lifted his right hand and grabbed her head from the back. He slowly pushed her forehead towards his. When they touched, Isaac spoke.

"I have full confidence in you Nicole, I believe in you. You can do it." He said. Momentarily, Isaac grunted in anguish again. Nicole knew it was time. She placed a mask over Isaac's face that was connected to a machine. Since Isaac was getting weaker, she couldn't tell if he would be able to breath on his own. This machine will ensure that Isaac continues to breath through the surgery. Isaac's one eye fluttered with weariness. Nicole kissed him on the forehead and spoke.

"I love you, Isaac."

" you.....too..." He said, half asleep.

He was weak and his body was exhausted, soon he fell asleep. Nicole's loving voice slowly faded away.

Chapter 10: Awakening

Isaac awoke from his deep slumber, and found himself in his bed at home. He slowly turned his head to the right and saw Nicole, sleeping soundly next to him. Isaac tried to get closer to her but couldn't, for he felt restrained and tight. He removed the blanket and pulled his t-shirt up. His entire torso, from the waist to the shoulders, was completely wrapped in some white soft cloth. Isaac dropped his head on the pillow and exhaled heavily. He ran a hand across his face. Isaac felt every scar stretching across his once smooth face. The largest scar ran diagonally from the tip of his right nostril, across his lips, and ended at his chin. He gently touched his right eye, it was badly swollen. Suddenly, Nicole let out a grizzled yawn and opened her eyes, looking at Isaac. She smiled joyfully and leaned over him, gently grabbing his face. Nicole began kissing his wounds, starting from the forehead and continued down his face. Then she reached his lips. Isaac's lips were deeply cut and his scars were dark red, making a strange contrast to his lips. Nicole dislocked her lips from his and spoke.

"Oh Isaac, you're finally awake." She said happily.

"How long was I out?" He asked with a soft voice.

"Almost a week, my love." Nicole drove her head under his chin, and began stroking his hair. Isaac tried to sit up but couldn't. He felt so tight and stiff, and his body shuddered as he tried to breath. Nicole pushed him back onto the bed.

"Isaac, you can't move too much. If you do, you will rip up your stitches. Don't worry; I'll take care of you. Just stay in bed." Nicole said.

"Ok. I guess this means I won't be going to work for a while." He said frowning.

Nicole nodded and smiled. She then left the room, to bring Isaac some breakfast. Isaac watched Nicole until she completely disappeared. Isaac stared at the ceiling then spoke to himself.

"My God, this is his fault. This is George's fuckin' fault." Isaac's eyebrows curled narrowly, and his face was filled with anger. He licked his lips, and felt the scars. His lips were like the earth's smooth surface, and the scars were like fault lines, that are created by earthquakes. His face was a complete disaster.

"I wonder if I'd get arrested for approaching a kid, looking like this." Isaac asked himself. He let out a loud chuckle.

Chapter 11: A Great Lost

Months passed, and Isaac's scars began to heal. All that was left was the faded color of his scars. When Isaac finally returned to work, George was reassigned into a new command. Isaac was disappointed; he was looking forward to beating the crap out of him. But, he knew that's a good thing to do. So he was thankful George wasn't in his command anymore. He was happy to be back in Engineering, and doing what he does best. When the day came to a close, Isaac waved everyone goodbye and called Nicole.

"Hey Nicole, I'm coming home right now."

"Ok Isaac, see you then!!! Bye, I love you."

"Love you too."

Isaac traveled for about 30 minutes, and then he arrived home. He opened the front door and called out to Nicole.

"Honey, I'm Home!" He announced.

But, there was no reply. It was silent in the house. Something is not right. He thought in his mind. Isaac continued further into the awfully quiet house. Isaac went to their bedroom door and heard Nicole crying. He opened the door; Nicole didn't seem to react much to the sound of the opening door. Nicole continued to sniffle as Isaac approached her, confused. Nicole held her face in her hands as she sobbed loudly. Isaac lowered himself to her and spoke.

"Nicole? Nicole, what's wrong? Talk to me."

Nicole didn't answer, she just continued her crying. Isaac wrapped his arms around Nicole and put her on his lap. He started to rock her like a baby. He even held her like a baby. Isaac ran his fingers through her hair and stroked her neck, trying to comfort her. Minutes later Nicole spoke to him.

"My…my dad was killed in a robbery. My mom is fine...but...I can't go on without my dad."

Nicole continued to cry and drove her head under Isaac's chin. Isaac stopped rocking, and started to tear. Mr. Brennan meant something to Isaac; he was a family member to him. Nicole continued to cry for two hours. Then she sniffled uncontrollably as she spoke to Isaac again.

"Thank God, I still have my mom and you Isaac. I don't think I would function without you."

Isaac nodded in understanding. She continued to cry for a few more hours. Isaac held Nicole in his arms, not letting go. Keeping her close to him, as much as he could. They must have sat on the floor for about five hours. Five hours of mourning. The clock struck 8:12 pm, and Nicole was still crying. My God, she's really messed up. Isaac thought. I've got to fix this. Nicole cried herself to exhaustion, she literally cried herself to sleep. Isaac gently settled her on the bed, and wrapped her under the blanket. Isaac knelt beside Nicole and watched her sleep. He placed his hand on the bed, for no real reason. As if aware of his presence, Nicole shifted her body to the right, facing Isaac's direction. She drove her hand toward his hand. Nicole touched Isaac's hand then clasped it, as if knowing it was Isaac by her side. Nicole pulled his hand to her chest and held it tightly. Isaac smiled and dropped his head slowly and quietly onto the bed, and watched her sleep soundly.

Chapter 12: Isaac's Proposal

13 minutes later.....

When the clock struck 8:25 pm, Isaac had a plan. He slowly pulled his hand out of Nicole's grasp and exited the room. He gently cracked the door closed. Isaac looked in between the cracked door to make sure Nicole didn't wake up. Isaac locked the front door and jumped into the car. Isaac droved to the Concourse Mall, shoppers were still active so most of the stores were still opened. Isaac secured his car and went inside. An hour later, Isaac was walking out with a bag in his hand. When he started the car's engine, he wondered about Nicole's reaction to his gift. Isaac took a small, dark blue box out from the bag. He held in his hand and stared at it. He was nervous, but excited. When Isaac arrived home, poor Nicole was still sleeping. Isaac sat beside her on the bed, stroking her smooth, silky hair. He smiled when Nicole yawned lightly like a child. Isaac brought his face close to hers, and wiggled her nose with his. He couldn't wait until morning; Isaac was going to propose to Nicole.

When morning came, Isaac waited for Nicole to awake. Isaac was watching the clock impatiently. 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock. Time was passing slowly. When time reached 9 o'clock, Nicole finally awoke. She turned her head and saw Isaac sitting on the bed, already awake. Nicole crawled to the other side of the bed to Isaac. Isaac hid the ring in his back pocket so Nicole wouldn't see it. Nicole hugged him happily.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty, sleep well?" He asked.

"Yeah." Nicole answered.

Nicole now sat on the bed's edge, while Isaac stood up. Here we go. He said to himself, and then he spoke to Nicole.

"Nicole, I know how you're feeling about your father right now, I'm feeling horrible too. But, I can't stand watching you suffer so much pain." He said.

Nicole nodded, taking in the information. Then Isaac continued.

"Well, I know I'm asking a lot from you, but-" Isaac dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring. He presented it to Nicole, and she dropped her mouth in wonder.

"Nicole, will you marry me?"

Nicole pounced on him, laughing and kissing him repeatedly, even Isaac laughed.

"Oh Isaac, yes, yes yes!" Nicole said with tears of happiness.

Isaac sighed, happy to hear Nicole say yes to marry him. It seemed that all the pain, depression, and sadness flowed out of Nicole quickly. Isaac slid the ring onto Nicole's finger, and then he gracefully kissed her on the lips. Nicole wrapped her arms around him and stroked his hair wildly. Isaac lifted her up off the ground and twirled around, kissing her under her chin. Nicole laughed and giggled with happiness. After a while, Isaac stopped twirling, and put Nicole back on solid ground. The two lovers stared into each others eyes, remembering when and why they fell in love.

Chapter 13: The Funeral

2 days later..........

Dark clouds and light showers of rain settled upon the area. The temperature dropped to 58 degrees, lower than usual. Dozens of black umbrellas crowded around, a funeral was taking a place. Mrs. Brennan, Isaac and Nicole stood together. Mrs. Brennan placed a rose on top of Mr. Brennan's coffin. Isaac and Nicole followed and did the same. Nicole turned and held Isaac close as she began to cry. Isaac rubbed her shoulder as he stared at the tombstone. It read, Brad Brennan, beloved father and friend. When the funeral was over, Isaac drove to Mrs. Brennan's house, with Nicole and Mrs. Brennan sitting in the back. The weather took the turn for the worst. The rain began to pour hard, and thunder storms were on the way. They saw several strikes of lightning when they came home. In the protection of the house, they got comfortable. Nicole and her mom got into warm dry clothes, while Isaac made some honey tea. Isaac wasn't soaked, but was a little wet. The two women sat in the living room and talked. Isaac brought them their drinks, and sat next to Nicole. A sound of thunder rolled in and startled Nicole. Nicole curled up to Isaac; he rubbed her side, comforting her. She started to cuddle him until she realized his hair was still wet. Isaac, being playful, shook his head quickly and got Nicole a little wet. She didn't care; she just giggled and laid her head on his chest. Mrs. Brennan smiled, happy to see that Nicole had someone and will not be lonely. Then, she noticed something shiny on Nicole's finger. Then Mrs. Brennan spoke.

"Nicole, when were you going to tell me you were engaged?"

Nicole came out from underneath Isaac's neck and pulled away from him, entirely.

"I was going to tell you a few days after the funeral mom, I'm sorry." Nicole said looking at the ground. She felt she betrayed her mother for not telling her. Mrs. Brennan looked at Isaac and winked at him, in return Isaac smiled as he nodded. Isaac wrapped his arms around his love and calmed her down.

“It’s alright Nicole, I have already told your Mom that I proposed. In fact, it was her who convinced and motivated me to ask you.”

Nicole’s mouth dropped and she punched Isaac in the arm. Isaac just laughed, he was very happy to have the story off his chest. Nicole wasn’t mad at him at all, playfully punching him in the arm was all she could do. Then Mrs. Brennan spoke.

It’s ok my child, this deep love lightens the darkness! Oh, your father would be so happy right now. He had always dreamed about being surrounded by our grandchildren. I hope you have beautiful children, for you have a beautiful fiancÈe.

Mrs. Brennan looked at Isaac and they both smiled. Nicole noticed this and spoke.

”Mom, I hope your not trying to convince Isaac to have sex with me so soon. Nicole said laughing. Mrs. Brennan and Isaac joined her. Trying to catch his breath, Isaac brought Nicole s face towards his. Isaac stared deeply into her eyes and spoke.

”Oh no Nicole, I’m ready when your ready.” He said, giving her a quick but graceful kiss. Then Mrs. Brennan jumped in.

”Aw, that’s even better! Isaac’s even going to wait for you. Nicole, you’ve got yourself a good man who understands you.”

Nicole smiled happily and drove her head into Isaac’s arm.

Mrs. Brennan continued.

”So, when are you two due to marry?”

“One year.” Isaac said with a frown.

”Why so long?” Mrs. Brennan asked. Then Isaac explained.

”Well, Nicole wants the wedding to be at the Rocky Point Boat House. I think that s a great spot, since that s where we had our first date. But there are several events before us so we signed up to have the wedding next year. Long time but hey, that s plenty of time to prepare.”

”Well that’s good, I’m off to bed.” Good night you two.” Mrs. Brennan yawned.

”Good night Mrs. Brennan.”

”Good night Mom.”

Isaac and Nicole settled in Nicole s bedroom. After washing up, Isaac burrowed into Nicole’s blanket, seeking warmth. His entire body including his head was covered under the blanket. Isaac heard Nicole approaching the bed. Nicole climbed onto the bed and applied all her weight on Isaac. Isaac grunted but then laughed. Nicole removed the blanket, down to his neck.

”There you are.” Nicole said with a bright smile.

She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Isaac felt her hand rubbing his chest. He pulled away from her lips and dropped his head onto the pillow and exhaled heavily, with his eyes rolling up as far as they went. Nicole giggled and laid on top of his chest, looking at him lovingly. Then she pulled herself under the blanket, and rolled up against Isaac. He smiled with fluttering eyes. Nicole gently closed his eyelids with two fingers, and turned off the bedside lamp.

Chapter 14: Revenge

Nicole sat her desk at work, lost in her thoughts. Instead of looking through patients medical reports, she was thinking about her dad. Suddenly, her desk phone rang.

”Dr. Brennan speaking, who is calling?”

”Hello Dr. Brennan, this Chief Detective Anderson calling. After investigating your father’s death, we found blood. We did some tests to figure out who it belongs to. The tests came in today and it belongs to a man named Michael Peterson; a mass serial killer that we have been trying to capture for a while. We have him on file and he is extremely dangerous. Sadly, your father was a target.”

Nicole gulped.

”Are you sure?” She asked.

”Yes ma’am. I highly encourage you to leave the area. I’ve noticed a pattern in his killings. He usually goes for families. Starts with a parent, then to a child. No matter what the age.”

”Thank you sir.”

Nicole sat in her chair shocked. Thinking she was the next victim. When she returned home, she was in a state of fear. Nicole sat on the couch hugging her knees, looking at the opened windows. Isaac noticed this. He sat next to her and looked at the windows too. Then he turned his eyes to her.

”What’s wrong Nicole? You seem frighten.

Nicole burrowed into Isaac, and told him what Detective Anderson told her. Isaac was shocked, but hid his fear. He didn’t want the situation to get more tense. Isaac brushed the hair away from her eyes and drew her close.

”Hey, I’m going to protect you. I promise to always be with you. If I find him, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get up again.”

Isaac pulled her close, up against his chest. Nicole lightly giggled, thinking Isaac was just being funny. Little did she know that Isaac really meant.

The next day after Nicole came back from work, Isaac was in the kitchen preparing dinner. He waeared across the cabinet doors. Isaac flung out of his grasp and punched the man square in the chest. The man punched Isaac several times across the face. Isaac spit out some blood then grabbed him by his sides and lifted him up and off the floor. Isaac threw him down hard onto the floor. The wooden floor made a crack sound. Isaac lifted the man up one more time and stared into his eyes. Then within seconds, Isaac head butted the man s forehead with all of his remaining strength. A lump of flesh rested near Isaac s feet. Nicole covered her mouth with her hand as she gasped. Isaac just stared at her as running blood from his nose and mouth dripped onto the floor. Nicole opened her arms to take him. Isaac slowly limped towards her. Before Isaac could fall into her arms, he collapsed to the floor.

Nicole quickly ran to his side and leaned close to his face. Nicole examined his body; he was shot twice in his right leg. Isaac softly murmured something. Nicole brought her ear to him. Isaac’s lips were moving but there were no words. Then he smiled at her. He lifted his left hand and stroked her cheek, smearing his blood on her skin. Nicole held his head up in her hand. Then Isaac's eyes began to roll. He dropped his hand to his side. He looked at Nicole and then slowly closed his eyes. Isaac gently dropped his head in her hand and exhale soundly. Nicole’s eyes widen. She began to shake Isaac in fear.

”Isaac? No, Isaac! Isaac! Don’t do this! Isaac, you promised me!”

Nicole held Isaac’s head close to her neck as she began to cry. She stroked his hair and continued to shake him.

”Wake up, wake up. Isaac, don’t leave me! Isaac!!!”

Nicole wailed as her heart began to break. Hot tears streamed down her face. Outside, police cars and paramedics parked into front. Within minutes, Nicole and Isaac were in the paramedics, on their way to the hospital. Nicole stared at her love as she cried. Nicole franticly ran her hand through his hair and then she kissed him full on the lips. Some of the blood from his lips got imprinted on Nicole’s. She laid her head on his shoulder and prayed for her Isaac to be okay.

Chapter 15: Back In Nicole’s Arms

Isaac awoke to a blinding bright light. A blurry figure stood above him. As he regained his senses, his eyes revealed the blurry figure to be Nicole. Her beautiful smile was filled with joy. Nicole grabbed his head and pulled him close to her chest. Nicole ran her hands from his cheeks to his ears, and then into his hair.

"Oh, Isaac! You’re wake! I thought I lost you.”

At that moment, Isaac realized he had a close call with death. Isaac grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him. Now Nicole was laying on top of him. He pulled her onto his bed. Nicole now laid beside him. Isaac rotated his body to face Nicole.

"I’m sorry Nicole." Isaac said with sorrow.

"It’s not your fault, Isaac. It just really scared me.”

Isaac smiled to lighten the mood, and curled up to Nicole like a child. He laid his head on her breast and wrapped his arms around her waist, and held her tightly. Nicole smiled as well, and wrapped her arms around Isaac’s neck and kissed him full on the lips. They both closed their eyes and began snuggling each other. Nicole laid her cheek on Isaac’s and exhaled calmly. The door opened and one of Nicole's nurses walked in. His name was Sam Fillin, and not the smartest guy around. He wore large glasses which seemed to not fit his face and nose. Sam was completely unaware that Nicole was spending time with Isaac.

"Dr. Brennan, you have a call from Chief Detective Anderson. He says- oh!”

Nicole slowly opened one eye and stared at him.

”Uh, I’ll just tell him you’re busy and you’ll call back.”

Nicole smiled and closed her eye. Sam nervously exited the room.

"Could have been important." Isaac whispered.

"It can wait, let's not think about that right now." Nicole said in a soft voice.

They both smiled as Isaac tighten his grip on Nicole.

Hours later, Nicole called Chief Detective Anderson.

“Hello Dr. Brennan.”

“Good afternoon Detective, I’m sorry that I missed your call earlier.”

“It’s alright ma’am. I just wanted call to make sure that you and Isaac were okay. Now, you don‘t have to worry anymore. We got him Nicole, we got him.”

“Oh thank you Detective! Thank you!” Nicole said with joy.

After their conversation, Nicole sat in her chair and sighed happily.

“Now we don’t have to deal with that horrible man again.” She said with a smile.

When Nicole arrived home, she was happily laughing to herself.

“Isaac? Isaac, where are you?” She asked happily.

There was no answer but she heard the TV on in their living room. Nicole leaned over the couch and saw Isaac sound asleep. His arm was extended and hanging off the couch with the remote locked in his hand. She giggled to herself and gently brushed her fingers across his cheek. She then brought her attention to the TV. The USG Ishimurawas docking into Earth’s major Space Shipyards. The Ishimura came back for supplies and repairs from their 34th successful planet crack. Nicole dreamed of working on the Ishimura, but only the best of best could join aboard. Suddenly, Isaac snored loudly with some spit dripping from the side of his mouth. Nicole responded instantly. She gently pushed his jaw up, closing his mouth. Then Isaac starting breathing soundly through his nose. Nicole used her sleeve to wipe his spit away. After that, Isaac shifted to his side and cuddled into the pillow.

“Oh Isaac, you are far too cute.” She said to herself.

Nicole went to their bedroom and opened the door to their closet. The only light was coming from the closet, leaving the rest of their room in complete darkness. She opened one of her cubbies and pulled out a pair of pajamas. Nicole unbuttoned her shirt which fell to the floor. She bent down to grab it. A dark shadow stood above her and she squealed but then let out a sigh of relief when she saw it was just Isaac.

“Hi Isaac.”

“Hey beautiful.” He said very hoarsely.

“Honey, are you feeling alright? Your voice sounds very rough.”

Isaac didn’t answer but emerged out of the darkness, and embraced Nicole with all his might. His lips brushed against the skin of her left shoulder and up her neck. Then Isaac gently nuzzled the side of her face. Nicole smiled and closed her eyes, and returned the hug. Nicole rubbed his ears as he laid his head on her shoulder weakly. Nicole thought Isaac was just lonely during the day and needed some loving and attention. Nicole knew she was always on his mind, and Isaac was always on her mind too. But when Nicole realized that Isaac wasn’t being affectionate anymore, she turned her head toward her shoulder, where Isaac was staring back.

“What’s wrong my love?” Nicole asked in concern.

“My body hurts badly.” He answered.

Nicole cooed into his ear.

“Wait for me on the bed, I’ll be there in a minute.” She commanded softly.

Isaac obeyed her and sat patiently on the bed. When Nicole got into her pajamas, she climbed onto the bed behind Isaac. She commanded Isaac to remove his shirt, and he obeyed her with out hesitation. Nicole ran her hands up his back and ended at his shoulders.

“Oh honey, you’re very tense. Let’s see if I can loosen you down.” She whispered into his ear.

Isaac nodded, if it could at least it could ease his body’s pain, he was all for it.

“I’m going to give you a nice massage, okay? That should do the job.” Nicole added.

Isaac just smiled.

“Okay, where are you hurting baby?” She asked kindly.

“My neck, shoulders, sides, and spine.” He answered.

Almost instantly, Nicole starting rubbing his neck from behind. Isaac closed his eyes and sighed happily. She continued to work on his neck until she asked, “better”, and when he replied, “yeah”. Nicole worked on his shoulders and then his spine. Then it was time for his sides. They hurt the worst. As soon as Nicole applied pressure to them from her hands, Isaac grunted painfully. But after much soothing, Isaac’s pain eased. Nicole knew she was done but instead, ran her hands around his waist and rubbed his abdominal muscles.

“All better sweetie?” She asked clinging onto him from behind him.

“Yeah, thank you Nicole.” Isaac said.

“Anything for you, Isaac.” She said with smile.

That night, when they went to bed, Isaac couldn’t help but wonder why he was always getting hurt. As Nicole cuddled closer to him, he brushed her bangs out of her face. “Well, at least I didn’t get my ass kicked. That would be more embarrassing than hurtful. Then Nicole would think that I couldn’t defend her… Oh well, I kicked that guy’s ass, that’s all that matters… Even though I got beaten up myself.”He thought be fore he fell asleep.

Chapter 16: The Ishimura

Chapter 16: The Ishimura

Several weeks later…''

Isaac was on Engineering Deck of the USG Ishimura. The ship need some repairs before venturing out into the empty voids of space again, searching for planets ready to be cracked open. Isaac was selected to be apart of the repair team and gladly got to work. He always wanted to serve aboard, but he was happy to even just be on the ship. At one point, his dad was on this very ship too. Isaac missed him, but orders are orders. Isaac would have to endure another long period in his dad’s absence, but at least he still had Nicole. Nicole’s career came to his mind. “Oh, this would be great for her career! I’ll have to encourage her to do this.” He told himself. Isaac fiddled with his Stasis module for a while before he left Engineering to the Tram Station.

“Hey Jacob.” Isaac cried out to Jacob as he approached the Tram Stop.

“Oh, Hey Isaac.” Jacob said with a welcoming grin.

The two recently became friends in Engineering. Isaac came to sit next him as they waited for the Tram to come.

“Did you hear? The ship is leaving in a month for another planet crack.” Jacob asked.

“Really? To where?” Isaac asked surprised.

“A planet in the Agesis System, Agesis 7.” Jacob answered.

“Agesis system? I heard that system is restricted.” Isaac said solemnly.

“Yeah but restrictions won’t stop the Ishimura. We’re all just doing our job, powering humanity. You understand don’t you, Isaac?”

Isaac looked down for a moment, avoiding Jacob’s eyes. Isaac knew orders were orders, but something about Agesis 7 made in restricted. To Isaac, safety of his friends and others was the first rule to deep space journeys.

“Yeah…” That was all Isaac said before their Tram arrived.

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