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"something like the Sprawl can bring people together in.... unusual ways..."

Please note this story was written way before the release of Dead Space 3, so dismiss the plot from the game. Just read for enjoyment. Most characters ARE my fellow users. DS2117 (talk) 20:13, April 1, 2013 (UTC)

Chapter 1: Dreaming of The Past

Ellie sat in her chair and ran a hand across her face. She was very tired. She wanted to rest her fluttering eyes but couldn't. Ellie couldn’t sleep since Isaac had already fallen into his deep slumber. Ellie was afraid for some reason. Hoping that she would eventually fall asleep, she stared out of the window, into the vastness of space. Isaac shifted slightly in his chair which caught Ellie’s attention. Now that the nightmare was over, Ellie actually examined Isaac’s weathered face. He had been through a lot. His natural face had the expression of sadness. Isaac had a patch wrapped around his left shoulder, where he was shot by a Javelin Gun. The same for his left hand, where he was also shot. Ellie did really well patching his wounds up. After attending to his injuries, Isaac fell asleep. At that moment, Ellie thought of him as an old man. But he wasn’t old; Isaac was just a man who saw too many things. Isaac shifted in his chair again, this time with a smile on his face. Ellie knew he was dreaming.

Slumped in his chair, Isaac dreamt. His eyes vibrated, showing his state of sleep. Isaac was back on Earth, he knew it. Isaac was standing on a golden sandy beach. He listened to the calm crashing waves and the cries of seagulls. Isaac took a deep breath and exhaled the clear air. He walked down the shore and saw a blurry figure. Isaac ran up to the figure, it was becoming clear. When Isaac was finally arm-distance away, he knew who it was. It wasn’t just a woman; she had short blonde hair and eyes blue as the ocean. It was Nicole Brennan, Isaac’s fallen love. She turned slowly and set her eyes upon him. Nicole smiled with joy and opened her arms to take him. Isaac shook his head, and took a couple steps back away from Nicole. The sadden young woman slowly dropped her arms to her sides. Isaac watched as her beautiful smile turned into a frown. Isaac looked away from Nicole, trying to resist her. Nicole still kept her eyes on him. Without moving his head, Isaac looked upon Nicole’s face. Sadness was leaking from her beautiful blue eyes. Isaac couldn’t fight it anymore; he slowly turned his head back to Nicole. Nicole nodded slowly and approached him. Isaac didn’t know what to do, either run or stay. Nicole gently pulled the glove off her right hand, exposing her smooth, soft skin. Isaac watched as Nicole’s hand approached inches away from his cheek. She stopped halfway, waiting for Isaac to do his part. Isaac closed his eyes and pushed his face forward. Her hand and his cheek met. They both inhaled and exhaled soundly. Nicole quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close to her body. Isaac held her by the waist. They both exhaled loudly and uncontrollably. Then Nicole slowly and calmly stroked Isaac’s hair at the back of his neck and spoke softly.

“We are whole again, Isaac. We are whole.”

Isaac looked at Nicole as she stared back at him. Her mouth began to move, Isaac brought his ear closer to hear. He thought she was just calling his name, repeatedly.

“Isaac, Isaac, Isaac. IIIIISSSSSSAAAACCCC….”

The more he listened, the more Nicole’s voice sounded like Ellie’s voice. Isaac’s dream disappeared, but he still heard Ellie’s voice. Isaac awoke to Ellie standing above, waking him up.

“Hey Isaac. Welcome back to reality.” She said with a little laugh.

Isaac rolled his shoulders; it seemed he was asleep longer than he thought. His body and limbs had gone numb.

“Oh, hi Ellie.” He said with a yawn.

Isaac sat up and ran a hand across his face. Then he looked up, examining Ellie’s exhausted face.

“You look tired, Ellie. Why don’t you go get some sleep?” He said calmly.

“I can’t sleep Isaac. I… I just can’t.” She said in a frustrated way.

Isaac stood up in front of Ellie and smiled as he spoke.

“Well how about you lay down, and I’ll tuck you in and rock you to sleep like a baby.”

Ellie cocked her eyebrows and then spoke.

“Isaac, do me a favor and lose the sarcasm.”

They both laughed. It felt like it had been a while since they acted like real people. They didn’t act like this during the outbreak. Isaac pulled the RIG fabric away from his neck and exhale.

“I wish I could get this RIG off.”

“Well there’s a changing quarters in the back. I’m pretty sure there are some extra clothes.” Ellie said, pointing a finger towards the door which lead to the rest of the shuttle.

Isaac nodded and left the room. Ellie was right, there was extra clothes. He also found extra Life Support RIGs. After changing into fresh new clothes, Isaac placed his Advanced RIG with the others. Isaac returned to Ellie and walk towards a wall. Isaac punched a button on the side and then a bed slid out. Isaac opened the hidden compartment bedside the bed and took out a pillow and blanket.

“How did you do that Isaac? I didn’t know the shuttle had that. How did you know?” Ellie asked with a surprised face.

“Oh, believe me Ellie; I know everything about shuttles and ships.” He said laying down crossing his arms behind his head. Ellie just smiled at Isaac as she slightly shook her head.

Chapter 2: Where Do We Go From Here?

Ellie looked away from Isaac and set her eyes upon the beauty of space through the window. She sighed softly and spoke to Isaac, keeping her eyes in space.

“So, where do we go from here Isaac?” She asked simply.

Isaac didn’t answer. He stood up and walked towards Ellie. He stopped behind her and stared out the window too. Ellie turned her head and gazed at him.

“I don’t know… Earth? It’s my home, it‘s where I was born.” Isaac paused and looked at Ellie, as if he realized something.

“I haven’t been home in three years.”

“My home was destroyed.”

Then Isaac’s eyes widened.

“Ellie, were you born on the Sprawl?” He asked.

Ellie nodded slowly and held her head low. He felt so stupid for asking, since he was the one who “somewhat” destroyed the Sprawl. But he didn’t mean it. Isaac took her hand and gave it soft rubs and squeezes. Ellie looked up and smiled, with a tear coming out of her only eye. Isaac gently brushed the tear away. She grabbed Isaac by the neck and hugged him. She began to cry and sniffle. Isaac rubbed her back, trying to comfort her. Isaac found this unusual, he always found Ellie tough.

“I’m glad I’m with you Isaac. If I hadn’t met you, I’d be long gone with the Sprawl.” She said.

“It’s okay Ellie, it’s all over now.” He said in her ear.

Ellie felt so much better with this interaction. It resolved many of her inner demons. She lost everything; her family, friends, and home. At least she had Isaac. This helped Isaac as well. He had been with a broken heart for a long time. It had also been a while since he had showed affection. Ellie laid on his shoulder and closed her eye. Isaac laid his head at the back of her neck. Isaac knew this was awkward, but it felt so right. Having her body so close to his, he felt a connection, a strong bond. Then Ellie pulled away from him entirely, breaking the bond. Isaac looked at her with an unsatisfied face, as if he wanted more.

“I’d better get some sleep.” Ellie said in tired tone.

“Yeah, you should.” Isaac said with a frown.

Isaac watched as Ellie curled up into the blanket and fell sound asleep. Isaac didn’t know what to do now. Isaac sat in his chair for many hours, staring into space. He was thinking about his past, his life as a soul survivor, and his future. Where will he go now? What will he do?

“I can’t go back to work with the C.E.C. They probably know what has happened to me.” Isaac said to himself.

Isaac whipped around to hear Ellie screaming in her sleep. Isaac came and knelt beside her, rubbing her forehead. When Ellie woke up, she exhaled frantically. She was relieved to see Isaac, and she took his hand and held it close. Isaac leaned closer to her and touch her cheek with his.

“It’s okay, it’s okay Ellie. I’m here.” He said in a calming voice.

“I just had…a… a bad dream.” She said.

“It’s okay, it’s all over now. Go back to sleep.” Isaac said rubbing his forehead with Ellie’s. Ellie dropped her head on the pillow and closed her eye. Thinking she was asleep Isaac rose up, then Ellie opened her eye.

“Wait, Isaac. Can you please sleep with me? Just this once? I… I don’t want to be alone.”

Isaac just stared at her; he didn’t know what to do. Then his instincts took over. Isaac walked toward the pilot’s seat and press a button on the dashboard, blinking AUTO PILOT. After that, Isaac came to Ellie. He climbed on the bed and laid beside her.

“Okay.” He said simply.

Ellie dropped her head on the pillow and said in a whisper tone,

“Thank you, Isaac.”

Isaac nodded with a smile, and rested his head on the pillow too.

“Even though it’s over, I feel like there’s still a necromorph watching me.” Ellie said very low.

“I felt that way too, but it’s safe now.” Isaac said. He meant it in a nice way but he was so tired, his words came out more aggressive and irritated.

Isaac closed his eyes and fell asleep. Within minutes, Isaac reopened his eyes and found Ellie sleeping soundly on his shoulder.

Chapter 3: Change of Heart

Isaac laid there watching Ellie sleep, then he fell into deep thought. Isaac did let go of Nicole, but he still didn’t feel right being close with Ellie. She wanted me to let go of her. ‘I mean, I think Nicole would want me to be with Ellie instead of being alone, suffering in grief. I do love Ellie but, will I love her as much as I loved Nicole? What do I do? Suddenly Ellie slightly shifted her body, and rolled her head on Isaac’s chest. Isaac smiled and pulled her long beautiful hair out of her face. Isaac found his chance to take a nap, and close his eyes. Hours later, Isaac and Ellie awoke from their slumber. As Ellie washed her face in the sink in the bathroom, Isaac searched through his database to find some music. He stumbled upon a particular file and pressed enter as Ellie walked in. It was called “Space Oddity”. Isaac usually listened to it when he lived on Earth, when he worked in engineering rooms. Isaac arose from the chair and offered his hand to Ellie. Ellie just looked at his hand, confused.

“What?” She asked.

Isaac dropped his hand and walked to her.

“Dance with me Ellie.” He said happily, offering his hand again.

“Oh, I can’t Isaac. I’m not a good dancer.” Ellie said nervously.

“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you.” Isaac said.

Isaac took her by the hand and placed his other hand on her mid-back. Ellie’s right hand was in Isaac’s, so she put her left hand on his opposite arm. Isaac knew this was awkward to her, but he had to lightened the dark atmosphere somehow. Ellie’s cheeks began to blush bright red as the duo began to dance. Isaac lead as Ellie followed.

“You’re pretty good Isaac.” Ellie said with smile.

“Thanks, so are you.”

The two twirled and circled about the pilot’s cockpit. Isaac kept his eyes on Ellie, at the same time, making sure they didn’t hit anything. He went for a dip a held Ellie firmly. She let her head lull back and Isaac saw the vulnerable skin of her throat. Ellie let out a small laugh as she became more comfortable in Isaac’s presence and he brought her back up. As the song drew to a close and slowed down in pace, Isaac pulled Ellie closer and closer to him. Ellie felt his hand run down to her waist. Ellie liked it, and drew herself closer to Isaac. The song played slower and slower. Isaac held his head low and looked at Ellie. Ellie stared into his eyes. She pulled his head closer and kissed him full on the lips. Isaac heavily exhaled through his nose, resolving even more of his inner demons with a tender kiss. Shocked by her actions, Ellie pulled her lips from Isaac’s. She slowly slipped out his grasp and took a few steps away from him, holding her arm and looking away from him. Isaac kept his eyes on her, saddened to the heart’s core. The song ended and then a soft static sound filled the room. Isaac looked away from her as he listened to the static. They didn’t say anything for what felt like enternity until Isaac made his first move and turned off the dashboard.

“Thank you Isaac, for the dance.” Ellie said.

Isaac nodded as Ellie left the cockpit. Isaac dropped into the pilot’s chair. He held his face in his hands and hugged his head with his knees. Isaac felt rejected, and his heart ached. Isaac tried to take his mind off things and browsed through the database. He stumbled upon a file called “Ellie’s Log”. Isaac pressed enter. Ellie’s face materialized in the screen. Isaac spotted himself at the back of the screen, sleeping in the bed.

“My name is Ellie Langford, and I just escaped the Sprawl with Isaac Clarke. We don’t know what to do or where to go. Isaac says we should go back to Earth, but it might be risky.”

Ellie looked away from the screen. Her head was facing Isaac. Ellie looked back at the screen and continued.

“I really like Isaac. I mean, I really like him. I think it’s more than like. It’s more like….”

Ellie paused and then continued, smiling.

“Love. I’m pretty sure he likes me, just as much. But, I don’t think we can ever have a relationship. Isaac is being hunted down by EarthGov. Having a deep relationship will cause severe grief to me if he is killed. I would die.”

Ellie looked down, wiping her tears. Isaac’s eyes began to water.

“Why did it have to be us? Why were we put into this hell hole?”

Ellie stared at the screen and then ended the recording. Isaac leaned back in his chair, tears streaming down his face. Isaac wiped them off and laid down on the bed, facing the wall. Isaac cried without a single sound. He just found out that, not only is Ellie very fond of him, but she doesn’t want their relationship to go any further. Suddenly, Ellie walked slowly towards the bed. She sat next to Isaac and shook his arm.

“Isaac? Isaac, are you awake?” She asked in deep concern.

Isaac didn’t respond but kept his eyes opened, letting his sadness drain out of him. He heard Ellie lean over him. Isaac quickly closed his eyes. Ellie sighed. She laid beside him and stroked his hair. Isaac twitched to the sensation. Ellie thought she was disturbing him in his sleep and retracted her hand. Isaac ached in his heart, missing Ellie’s warm touch. Then, they both drifted off into sleep.

Chapter 4: You Got To My Head

Late in the hours, Isaac walked into his dreams. He was back at the beach, where Nicole was waiting for him. She smiled with delight and hugged him. Then she looked upon his face.

“What’s wrong Isaac? You seem troubled.”

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.” He said with his head low.

Nicole cocked an eyebrow and released him from her grasp, but still stood close.

“Isaac, I know you’re lying. Just tell me what’s wrong. I like to help, why do you think I was a doctor? Because, I wanted to help people.”

Isaac nodded and gently pushed her away. Isaac turned around, and started walking away. Nicole ran up to him and caught him by the shoulder.

“Please Isaac, tell me what’s wrong. I’m here to help you. This is the only time we can speak together.”

Isaac sighed and turned to face Nicole. He waited to collect all his strength to tell her how he felt inside.

“Nicole, do you have a problem if my heart no longer faces you? What the hell am I saying?!?! I shouldn’t have said that.”

No, it’s okay Isaac. The only thing that matters to me now, is your happiness. If you are in love with someone, I will support you, always.” Nicole said with a warm smile.

“Are you sure Nicole?” Isaac asked surprised.

Nicole drew closer to him and stroked his cheek with her bare hand.

“We are worlds apart Isaac. We can never be together again.” Nicole said with a tone of sadness in her voice.

“So, who is it lover boy?” Nicole said with sarcastic smile.

“It’s Ellie. I just found out she loves me too, but there’s a problem.”

“What’s the problem Isaac?”

“She says we shouldn’t be together because of the danger. EarthGov is hunting me down, Nicole. If we return to Earth, they’ll kill me…” Isaac looked away and stared at the waves.

Nicole looked away as well, and lowered herself to the ground. She sat on the sand then Isaac joined her.

“How about you don’t go back to Earth. Just live in space or on a colony planet.” She said simply.

“But, Earth is home, and I haven’t been home in three years…” Isaac said with a frown.

“But I do understand what you’re saying Nicole.”

Nicole nodded and stood up.

“Goodbye Isaac, we’ll meet again soon, in your dreams.”

“What? No, Nicole! Wait!”

Isaac tried to grab her, but Nicole and the beach slowly disappeared. Isaac awoke, with Ellie sitting at his side. Isaac rolled over to face her.

“Hi Ellie.” He said simply.

“Hey Isaac. There’s something I need to tell you.”

Isaac sat up and opened his ears.

“I’m listening…”

“Lately, strange feelings have filled my head and heart. Isaac, you got to my head. I really, really like you… A lot. To the point where it feels like-”

Isaac cut her off.

“Love. Yeah, I know. I saw your Video Log. I know how you feel about me, and I also know that we shouldn’t be together.” Isaac said with his head held low.

Ellie put a hand to her mouth, then placed it on Isaac’s shoulder and spoke.

“Oh Isaac, that was a while ago when I said that. Time has changed and, I love you now. I was just afraid to tell you.”

Ellie paused, glancing at the floor, then back up at Isaac.

“But then we danced, and we kissed.”

Isaac stared at the floor, remembering the moist tender kiss they shared. A smile came to his face.

Ellie looked at him, waiting for him to respond. Isaac arose from the bed and stood in front of Ellie. He took her hand and rubbed it, keeping his eyes on her hand. Ellie stopped him and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close, and then their lips met. Isaac held her tightly to his body, and Ellie playfully pulled his hair. Isaac kissed her neck and down to her chest. He loved being so close. Before, it felt like his Advanced RIG prevented him from close interactions. Now with just normal clothes, Isaac held Ellie close up against his body. After a while, they calmed down and loosen their grips on each other. After another kiss, Ellie leaned on Isaac’s shoulder. He rested his head on hers. They both stared out the window.

“Now what?” She asked.

“Don’t know…” Isaac said.

Isaac held Ellie close and stared into space, realizing he was in love again.

Chapter 5: Dead Space

Isaac sat in the pilot seat and looked a 3D map. A small refueling station was near by where they could replenish their supplies. Isaac quickly downloaded information about the facility. All he got was; a market, apartments, and shuttle bay. Isaac was relieved to see no government presence. When they arrived near the station, Isaac was back in his Advanced RIG.

“Stay here Ellie. I’ll radio you when the coast is clear. I don’t want to walk in there if there’s EarthGov squads waiting for us.” He said.

“Okay. You’re very paranoid Isaac.” Ellie said with a smirk.

“Yeah… I know.”

Isaac gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Ellie watched as his face disappeared under his helmet. With a final Cling sound, a bright blue light illuminated Ellie’s face. Through the blue lens, Ellie saw his eyes, staring back at her lovingly. Isaac opened the shuttle’s door and a transparent grey fog appeared, keeping the vacuum of space out. Isaac walked through and a voice came to life. Entering Vacuum. Isaac jumped and flew through space. Out here, Isaac felt he was free, like a bird flying. Isaac flew straight then turned upside down and around. He was enjoying himself. Then Ellie came on the radio.

“My God, I fell in love with an innocent child.” She laughed.

“It is fun out here.” Isaac replied.

Isaac landed on the catwalk and entered the facility. After he refreshed his air supply, Isaac wandered around. There was nobody around. Isaac continued further into the station. Down a hallway labeled, Lab, he was shocked. Many bodies were slumped against the walls. These people were dead. Isaac’s helmet retracted and he gasped. A man was holding a small fragment of some rock. Isaac crouched down a took the rock. Then Isaac heard a familiar voice.

“Isaac! Don’t touch that!” Nicole yelled.

Isaac whipped around and saw Nicole. He obeyed her and dropped the fragment. As Nicole approached him, he stood up tall.

“What is that Nicole?”

“It’s a fragment of a marker.”

Isaac was shocked.

“What?! I thought I only made one on the Sprawl.”

“No Isaac, someone else made this. Someone with a weak mind.” Nicole said while examining the fragment.

“Was there an outbreak here?” Isaac asked.

“No. Thank God. But, it looks like this young marker was out of wack and killed the minds of these people, and it destroyed itself.” Nicole said.

“Really? I didn’t know markers could do that.” He said.

“Neither did I but, I guess it can happen.” She said turning her head to the hallway.

Nicole dropped the marker fragment and looked at Isaac.

“You better get going Isaac.”

“Yeah I should.”

Isaac watched Nicole disappear as she waved goodbye and said, “Be safe Isaac.” Later, Isaac found food, water, and supplies they needed and radioed Ellie to come and get them. Now that the shuttle was docked, Ellie started filling up their shuttle with the supplies. On the dashboard, the words LOW FUEL was blinking. Thank God we’re here, Ellie said in her mind. Then she radioed Isaac.

“Isaac, looks like the shuttle needs more fuel.”

“I got it, don’t worry.” Isaac said.

Isaac got outside to attach the fuel hose to the shuttle. Isaac crossed his arms and floated in place, watching the fuel level rising. Isaac turned his head and saw Ellie putting boxes inside through the window. Isaac used his jet boots to come to the window. He placed his hand and helmet on the window. Ellie didn’t seem to notice him, so Isaac lightly knocked on the window. Then Ellie finally looked at him, and walked toward the window.

“How’s it going Isaac?”

“It’s going great Ellie.”

Ellie just looked at him. Isaac looked like a child at a candy shop window, begging for some candy. Ellie smiled, and placed her hand where Isaac put his. Then she put her head against the window where Isaac was. Ellie closed her eye, and turned on her radio.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too.” Isaac said happily.

The refuel hose made a Clank sound. The shuttle’s fuel supply was full. Isaac made the first move to back away from the window. Isaac saw another shuttle docking to the station. When Isaac ran back into their shuttle, Ellie was gone.

“Oh, Shit.”

Isaac ran back into the station to look for her. After searching around in fear, he found her. Ellie was held by an EarthGov squad member, in the center of the group being questioned. Ellie struggled and wiggled about.

“What do you want from me?! I didn’t do anything!” Ellie yelled in fear.

Isaac reacted instantly, and raise his Plasma Cutter. He took out the gravity console in one shot. A females voice announced, Entering Zero Gravity. The EarthGov squad members instantly floated about, even Ellie. Isaac jumped as far as he could as his boot thrusters turned on. He flew to Ellie and cradled her in his arms. As they hurriedly flew to their escape, one of the squad members took a clear shot. Ellie cried out in pain when a bullet penetrated her arm. The man shot her through the scope of a Seeker Rifle.

“Don’t let them escape!” One of the members announced.

But the pair was beyond their reach. As soon as Isaac exited through the transparent door, he locked from the outside, leaving the platoon trapped inside. Isaac retracted his helmet to soothe Ellie by showing his face. Knowing that he was trying to comfort her, Ellie gestured to continue to run. Isaac nodded quickly and ran back to their shuttle while carrying Ellie. Once in the safety of their shuttle, Isaac gently placed his injured girlfriend on their bed and jumped into the pilot’s chair. Pressing buttons cross the console hurriedly, Isaac set coordinates to Neptune. Safe, far from Earth, and he was in a hurry. As the count down began, Isaac kept his eyes on the EarthGov shuttle. Impulsively, he took out the engines with several shots from their shuttle’s Mac-guns. But then suddenly, everything eased. Isaac saw nothing but stars whizzing by, and streaks of white, blue, and purple. They were slip-space jumping. Ellie grunted lightly to herself as she pulled the bullet shell out of her arm, and in doing so, caused more blood to escape from her. Isaac ran to her side and examined the wound with fixated eyes. He pulled out a small med pack out from the First Aid cabinet, and popped off the safety cap. Isaac held the bottle close to her lips, but Ellie turned her head away, refusing to take it. She always hated the taste of the medication, while Isaac didn’t care much about taste. During Isaac’s adventure on the Sprawl, every little med pack was a blessing.

“C’mon Ellie, take it.” He begged.

Finally Ellie gave in and opened her mouth. Isaac watched the silver liquid run down her throat. After she finished it, Isaac wrapped a bandage around her arm to collect the blood until the wound closed up and healed. Isaac quickly, but passionately, kissed her on the lips and Ellie smiled upon her knight in shiny armor. Ellie liked to see Isaac in his Advanced Suit, because it gave her the thought of him as her protector, or guardian angel. Ellie closed her eye and sighed in satisfaction as Isaac nuzzled her neck. Ellie tried to touch his neck, but only felt the smooth protective material of his Advanced Suit. Isaac playfully nipped at her neck several times, which triggered Ellie to squeal lightly. Isaac withdrew from her with a frown.

“Hey, I’m sorry about your arm and your eye, Ellie. It’s my fault that I wasn’t there to protect you.” He said in a low tone.

Isaac bowed his head with his eyes closed. Ellie placed her hands on his cheeks.

“Isaac listen me, it’s alright. You protected me as much as you could. It’s was my fault that they got me. As soon as I saw the other shuttle, I thought they would be other travelers, but they weren’t. And, about my eye, you don’t have to fell guilty about it. What’s done is done. You couldn’t prevent it. Once something happens, it happens for a reason, Isaac.” Ellie said very warmly.

Isaac smiled and pulled Ellie into a tight embrace and muttered “thanks” into her ear.

Ellie returned the smile and laid her hands on his neck. He softly kissed the patch covering her right eye and then brushed his lips against her neck. Ellie closed her eye as she tingled to the sensation of Isaac’s gloved hands running all over her body.

“Oh, Isaac…” She moaned with pleasure.

“Ellie…” He replied.

When Ellie opened her eye again, she saw Isaac fiddling around with her hair. Isaac was developing a habit of playing with her hair. Ellie did indeed enjoy it, but she knew it was his gesture way of saying he loved her just the way she was. But their moments of affection were interrupted by a Whoosh sound. You have reached your destination, welcome to Neptune.

Chapter 6: Like It Was Meant To Be

“Isaac, why here?” Ellie asked with a confused face.

“Well, I was in a bit of a hurry to get us out of there. So I chose the first thing that came to my head.” He answered with a chuckle.

Ellie did likewise. As they both arose, Ellie caught a whiff of Isaac. She covered her nose and looked away from him with a face of disgust.

“Oh god, Isaac. You could really use a shower right now. I can’t believe I held you so close.” She said sarcastically.

Isaac looked down on himself and smelled his arms and hands.

“I don’t smell anything. Maybe love has clouded your senses.” He said trying to hide his smile.

“Isaac, we both know that’s bullshit. Whoa… God you stink. You smell like blood, guts, and whatever those necromorphs are made out of. Stay away from me until you are completely clean, okay? I don’t want my boyfriend to smell like a dirty surgeon.” She said with uncontrollable chuckles.

“Okay Ellie. But, can I have one more kiss?” He said with a curved eyebrow and a bright grin.

Ellie took a few steps back and crossed her arms across her chest.

“If you want it, you have to come and get it.” She said with glee.

Isaac’s eyes narrowed and his lips curved into a smiled. As he was about to take her into his arms, she turned on her heel, facing the wall behind her.

“Oh, you wanna play?” Isaac said sarcastically.

Ellie giggled cheerfully, she was having fun playing hard to get. But then, Isaac grabbed her by the waist and turned her on the spot. Ellie gasped as Isaac gently pushed her up against the wall. They both laughed at the little game that they were playing. Isaac loosened his tight grip on her and gently held her close with his arms wrapped around her waist.

“I believe you owe me that kiss.” Isaac said softly.

Ellie wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her hair out of the way with a shake of her head.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Come and get it, you silly bastard.” Ellie said with tender smile.

Then in instant, her lips were locked with Isaac’s. After a moment, she softly stroked his hair. He responded instantly, deepening the kiss. As Ellie moved her hands back down to his neck, Isaac claimed her mouth again. He worked his jaw against hers slowly, almost seductively, giving Ellie no choice but to give in and enjoy it. Ellie giggled into the kiss as she felt Isaac slowly bringing her to the floor with him. Hands on his chest, Ellie pushed him flat on his back, which triggered a satisfied grunt from Isaac. Ellie pressed her lips against Isaac harder than before. Their breathing began to escalate as their kisses became faster, fiercer, playful, and passionate. Ellie felt the unusual but pleasant pang of arousal as she laid on top of Isaac. They slowly withdrew their lips and gaze upon each other. Still flat on his back, Isaac gently grabbed one of her pig tails and played with it. Ellie just smiled. Then Isaac sat up, bringing her with him and pulled her into another embrace, and whispered into her ear.

“I love you, Ellie.” He said very meaningfully.

Ellie cuddled in closer to him, feeling his body’s warmth, and nuzzled under his neck.

“I love you too, Isaac.” She whispered happily.

Ellie couldn’t help but think that this was the same guy she just met a few days ago, and now they were already in love with each other. Kissing, being affectionate, sleeping next to each other, and saying ‘I love you’.

It’s like, we were meant for each other. Ellie thought to herself. She really admired Isaac’s courage, self confidence, his care for her, his idea to keep on going even when things seem to be the end, and his nerdy but life saving engineering skills. Ellie also found him attractive. She remembered the moment after she just met him. She stood in the elevator and spoke to herself, saying “That Isaac is kind of cute…” Smiling, Ellie exited the elevator.

As for Isaac, there are many reasons why he fell in love with Ellie too.

First of all, Ellie never betrayed him and he loved her for that. Because betrayal was all there was with him and women. Nicole killed herself to escape the horror, leaving Isaac behind. Kendra left him for dead on the colony. Diana lead him into her trap, to take him away to make more markers for the Church of Unitology. Lastly, the marker-Nicole simply lead Isaac to the marker, wanting to absorb him by killing him. But not Ellie. Isaac also found Ellie attractive. The only brunette he ever met that had stunningly, beautiful blue eyes. He was taken by her beauty. Ellie was also a tough woman, able to survive an outbreak mostly by herself. She wasn’t a “crybaby”… No, she was like him. Tough with a hard shell on the outside, but soft on the inside. Which drew Isaac closer to her.

Ellie dropped into the pilot’s chair, scanning the facility.

“We’re in luck Isaac. There’s no church on this station, nor a EarthGov base. But, there is a security force.” She said.

Isaac put a hand on her shoulder. Ellie felt the source of warmth and looked up at him.

“As long as there’s no EarthGov or Church, it’s fine with me.” He said softly.

Ellie smiled and pushed the ship’s steering wheel forward. Isaac grabbed all their medical supplies they had and brought them to the cockpit. Isaac also went back to get all their food and water. He also took everything he put in the Safe out, including Ellie’s RIG. Thinking that his own RIG might be a give away, he took it off and put on a black T-shirt with jeans. He compacted their RIGs into a suitcase and put it in the cockpit.

“Ellie, retract the guns back into the ship, please.” He commanded kindly.

Ellie nodded her head and tapped a sequence of buttons. Outside, the guns slowly started to retract into the bottom of the ship. Isaac sighed slowly as their ship was docked to the station.

Chapter 7: A Place to Call Home

As Ellie stepped out of the ship, she was approached by a cheerful woman. She had long brown hair that swept to her shoulders and light brown eyes. She seemed like a happy and welcoming person.

“Hello there, Welcome to Atlantis! The best place to take a vacation to view Neptune’s wonders and beautiful blue atmosphere.” She said cheerfully.

“Oh, hello. Thank you for the kind greeting. I’m Ellie.” Ellie said with a grin and an open hand.

“I’m Kristen. It’s so nice to meet you.” She said happily, shaking her hand.

As the two women spoke, Isaac slowly and cautious poked his head out of the ship’s door. He placed three fingers on the door’s frame, looking at the unknown young woman Ellie was talking to. Suddenly, Kristen spotted him.

“Hello there! You don’t have to hide. What’s your name mister?” Kristen asked very kindly.

Isaac withdrew further into the ship but was still in view. Kristen frowned, fearing that she scared the poor man. Ellie noticed this.

“Oh, don’t worry Kristen. He’s just very shy about meeting new people.” Ellie explained.

“Is he your brother?” Kristen asked with a curved eyebrow.

“Boyfriend.” Ellie said with a smile, then looking back at Isaac, giving him a confident smile.

“Oh, okay. Um… Is there anything I can help you with?” She asked, changing the subject.

“Uh, yeah. Can you tell me where residential is? We need a place to stay for a while.” Ellie said.

“Ah, well you’re in luck. I’m in charge of residential. Do you have all your belongings?” Kristen asked, rubbing her hands together and grinned.

Suddenly, Isaac came out. Pulling two suitcases and carried a bag around his shoulder.

“Yup, I got it all.” He said nicely.

Kristen nodded and turned but she caught Isaac sticking out his hand and zipped back around.

“I’m Isaac by the way.” He said taking the young woman’s hand.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Isaac, I’m Kristen.” She said with a welcoming smile. “Right, let’s get you two a room.”

Atlantis itself was beautiful to look at. It’s large ceiling windows reflected on the shiny metal floor. Making it look like you were walking in the very stars above. There was a huge water fountain, peacefully pouring water into it’s pool of water below. A giant golden ’A’ stood in the center of the fountain. Isaac took in the view of this place. He felt he was finally at peace with the world. Kristen lead the couple into her office.

“So Ellie, what kind of room do you think will be best for the two of you?” Kristen showed them the different rooms on the computer on the wall.

“Um… A very private place will be best. Where people can’t see us and we can’t disturb other people.” Ellie said with laced fingers at her chest.

“Hm, I think I know just the room.” Kristen said with raised finger and a smile.

As the girls discussed the situation at hand, Isaac looked through the windows, making sure they weren’t followed. Kristen fixed her gazed from the computer to Isaac. Ellie did also.

“He’s very…” Kristen trailing off, trying to find the right word to not sound too harsh. “Odd.” She said looking at Ellie.

“Isaac is very protective. My safety is all he cares about. He’s a very nice guy when you get to know him.” Ellie whispered.

“How did you guys meet?” Kristen whispered back.

Ellie hesitated, realizing she had to lie to her new friend. But she came up with a story quickly.

“We met back on Earth. It was raining that night and I was walking back home from a “girls night out” at a bar. I turned into an alley and I was attacked by three guys. They wanted my purse but I refused. They threaten to kill me and I said ‘Bring it on’ being the tough girl I am.”

Kristen’s eyes widen as Ellie paused. Then she continued.

“I thought I could fight them off, but there were three of them. I was doing well until they starting throwing me into the wall. Then I slid down the wall with blood coming out my mouth. But then I heard the men screaming in pain. It was so dark out, I couldn’t see a thing. But the next thing I saw was a dark figure kneeling in front of me. I couldn’t see his face, but I saw his lips and his beautiful blue eyes, softly starring at me. I was enchanted. Then he said, ‘You don’t look so good miss. Let me take you home.’ I saw the rain drops dripping from his lips and I said nothing. He gently grabbed hold of me and I winced. He said, ‘Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay miss. I’ll take care of you.’ Then I said, ‘Ellie. My name is Ellie.’ I saw his lips curve into a smile and he, ‘I’m Isaac.’ Then he carried me home.”

“Wow, aw. He’s so sweet.” Kristen whispered in awe.

Ellie smiled at her and gave out a little giggle. Then she noticed Isaac, standing in front of them. Ellie hoped that Isaac would go along with story. He smiled and crossed his arms.

“Telling stories are we?” He asked with a smirk.

Ellie sighed with relief under her breath and smiled at him. Isaac did likewise, starring at her with two tender eyes and a beaming smile. Kristen felt awkward being here, but she snapped the two lovebirds back into reality by asking, “So, what do you think about this room?”

“Oh, uh… yes. Let me take a look.” Ellie said with blushed cheeks.

Isaac looked away, trying to make his red cheeks disappear.

“It’s perfect.” Ellie whispered.

After ten minutes of signing papers, they were in the elevator, going up to their room.

“Here we are! I hope you like it.” Kristen said with a clap of her hands.

It was beautiful. A big kitchen and a table for two sitting in front of a huge window, holding a view of Atlantis and Neptune. The living room was nicely organized. With a loveseat and a recliner. Their big TV hung from the wall. Ellie walked into their bedroom amazed. A king sized bed, with sheets, pillows, and the blanket cover with palm trees. Giving that paradise feeling. Their bathroom contain a deep bathtub and shower. Isaac walked into their walk-in closet and dropped the luggage in there.

“Go into the observation deck, Isaac.” Kristen said with a hand pointing in the direction of the hallway.

Isaac stepped through the door, with wide eyes. A much larger view of Atlantis, Neptune, and the cosmos laid in front of him. This was like a huge balcony, a very private area just for him and Ellie. Ellie came from behind Isaac and stood next to him. Isaac saw her and raised his arm to let Ellie in closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist as Isaac dropped his arm, and sliding it around her waist halfway. Ellie laid her head on his chest from the side. They both stared at the beauties in front of them. Ellie looked at Kristen who was waving goodbye.

“Call me if you need anything.” She whispered.

“Okay.” Ellie whispered back.

Ellie looked back at Isaac, to her own surprise, he was starring back at her. They faced each other and Ellie grabbed hold of him by the collar of his shirt. Isaac was expecting a kiss. Their lips nearly touching, but it was a tease. Ellie spoke to him seductively.

“You wanna go now?” Was all she said. She pulled her leg up and rubbed it against Isaac’s leg.

Isaac began to sweat and his breathing was shallow. He was thinking about what she just asked him. ‘She’s asking for sex?… whoa, okay.’ Isaac thought to himself.

“Yeah. I wanna go now.” He said with a seductive smile.

“Alright, you’ll take the shower, and I’ll take the bathtub.” She said with smile and drew away from him.

Ellie knew damn well that he would fall for her little tease. Isaac was dumbfounded for a moment but then he realized what she really meant and smiled like a shark to Ellie. She smirked at him as she walked back into the bedroom. Isaac shook his head, knowing he wasn’t going to get anything of Ellie until he showered. Ellie pulled two new sets of clothes for them and put them on the counter in the bathroom. He followed behind her closely into the bathroom. Ellie pulled her shirt off and turned her back to Isaac.

“Hey, can you help me with this?” She asked seriously.

Isaac looked at her smooth, tan, lean body and then noticed the bra. He came from behind and slowly unbuttoned the clips, letting the straps lay loosely on her back. Isaac stole the opportunity and ran his lips up and down her back. Ellie jumped a bit when feeling his stubble but she soon turned to him.

“Hey, not until you’re clean.”

Isaac just chuckled and walked to the other side of the room to the shower and quickly undressed himself and hopped into the shower. Meanwhile, Ellie was filling up the bathtub with warm water and soapy bubbles.

“Hey, Isaac!” She yelled to project her voice over the rushing sound of water.

“Yeah?” He asked out loud.

“Kristen said bathtub, but this is a Jacuzzi!” She said with a laugh.

Isaac laughed with her. As Ellie was busy relaxing in her bubbly Jacuzzi bath, Isaac was washing away the blood, muck, and grime off of him. He felt relieved to be clean. Ellie saw a radio behind the bathtub and searched for a station. The Ellie gasped.

“Oh my God, I love Red Hot Chili Peppers!” She announced.

Soon enough, Ellie was singing along to the lyrics.

“Once you know you can never go back, I gotta take it on the other side.”

Then Isaac joined her.

“Take it on the other side. Take it ooooooooonnnnnnnnn…… Take it on.” They sang together.

“You’re a fan?” Ellie questioned.

“Hell yeah.” Isaac answered.

Being here, singing and laughing together was leading them to act like real people again. After Isaac showered, he wrapped his lower body with a towel and quickly grabbed his fresh new clothes. As he tried to tiptoe out of the bathroom, Ellie sarcastically yelled out, “Ewww, naked guy!”

Isaac turned around to face her and replied with a sick smile.

“Oh, you like it…” Was all he said.

“Pff, go get changed you silly sick bastard.” She said with a few giggles.

Isaac obeyed her, while Ellie was still relaxing in her bath, leaning her head on the outer rim. Isaac slipped on his new clothes and collected their old clothes and tossed them into the washer. Isaac returned into the bathroom, and knelt beside Ellie who was still in the bathtub, eye closed. Isaac crossed his arms and placed them on the outer rim. Then he laid his head on his crossed arms, watching Ellie relaxing. Ellie opened her eyes to look directly at Isaac’s clean appearance.

“Wow, you don’t look or smell like shit anymore.” She teased.

“Ha ha, very funny.” He said softly.

Isaac soon yawned, eyes screwed shut and mouth opened widely. Ellie just smirked and shook her head. She convinced him to wait for her in bed, and he did so. While waiting for her, Isaac soon became really tired, but he waited for Ellie. When she came out, Isaac was taken by her clean brown hair that swept halfway down her back, it was no longer in pigtails. Ellie made her way to Isaac and cuddled beside him. She took in his clean smell as he did the same with her. Isaac took in the smell of her hair, it smelled rather like coconut.

“Ah, doesn’t it feel good to be clean again?” She asked him sarcastically.

Isaac nodded and then yawned again. Ellie chuckled and kissed him. When she pulled away, Isaac noticed her expression, she was tired too. He quickly returned her kiss and pulled away gently.

“Maybe we should just call it a night, Ellie.” He said in almost a whisper.

He looked over his shoulder at the clock. When he looked back at Ellie, she was nestling on his chest almost dozing off.

“It’s 7:47 pm... When do you want to wake up?” He asked her.

“Never…” She smiled. “I’m sleeping in, Isaac.” Ellie murmured. She was on the edge of slipping into a deep sleep. “Oh, you did strip and salvaged everything on that ship… right?”

“Yes Ellie, everything is here with us. You don’t have to worry. I got every-” He was cut off by Ellie placing a finger to his lips.

“Shhhh…” She said quietly. “Go to sleep…mmmm… night Isaac…”

“Sweet dreams Ellie.” He whispered to her. “Lights out.” He commanded and then, room was darken.

Isaac couldn’t believe that he was finally able to just lay down and sleep with no worries. Isaac held Ellie in his arms tightly, cradling her like an infant. He nuzzled her face until he closed his eyes, and fell into oblivion called sleep. Later, Isaac started twitching. Shaking his head, moving his eyes left to right under his eyelids, and mumbling incoherently. He was having a nightmare.

Isaac was happily wondering around Atlantis with Ellie, hand in hand. The moment couldn’t be more relaxing and calm. Then terrified people ran past him and Ellie. Isaac’s instincts took over as he took Ellie by the waist and shielded her with his body. A horde of necromorphs charged before them. Isaac instinctively put his hand to his thigh to grab his Plasma Cutter, but to his own shock, it wasn’t there, neither was his Advanced RIG for protection. Vulnerable, Isaac and Ellie made a run for it. They joined the crowd of screaming civilians who were running to the shuttles. The crowds were so dense, Isaac lost Ellie for a few moments that felt like forever.

“Isaac? Isaac! Where are you?!” Ellie cried out.

Isaac pushed his way to Ellie, and held her tightly.

“I’m here Ellie, I got’cha you.” He said to her.

Looking above them, two shuttles were taking off. Panic struck everyone as one of the shuttles slammed into the other. The two shuttles came crashing down, into the station, and into people. Isaac and Ellie huddled together as chaos flowed around them. Hopeless, Ellie laid her head on his chest as Isaac looked around. It was like a slow-motion moment in a movie, camera revolving around the crouching couple. People being slaughter by necromorphs, Unitologists kneeling down in front of a horde of necromorphs, and security personnel fleeing from their orders and duties to save themselves. Then Isaac looked in front of him, there before him stood Nicole.

“It’s not over yet, my Isaac. You have to end this before it stretches into the future generations.” She said sadly.

“Who’s future generations?” He asked her, totally confused.

“Yours, Isaac.” Was all she said.

Isaac starred at her until his attention was brought to the crashing shuttle in front of him.

Isaac awoke with a start, cold sweat running down his forehead. He panted quickly, out of breath, realizing it was just a dream. Isaac wiped his face and closed his eyes, falling back onto his pillow and he sighed heavily. He looked to his right and noticed Ellie wasn’t there. Isaac looked back at the alarm clock, it was 8:04 am.

“Wow, almost 13 hours of sleep.” He said softly to himself.

But Isaac still felt tired. He knew people who slept for too long and staying up all night, but just after another outbreak, this was a totally different situation. Isaac noticed the bedroom door was wide opened, as if someone programmed it to stay open. He decided to go investigate and slowly crawled out of bed. He groaned as he stood up on his feet. As he took his first few steps, he wobbled about. He couldn’t tell if he was tired or his body was tired, but he didn’t care at the moment, he just wanted to know what Ellie was up to. Isaac put his hand on the wall for support as he made his way to the doorway. He looked into the kitchen and saw Ellie sitting on the counter, drinking her coffee. Ellie quickly noticed him and said, “Good morning Isaac, sleep well? Any nightmares?”

Isaac hesitated. He didn’t want to tell Ellie that he might have had a foreshadowing of the station’s fate, just when they started to settle down.

“Morning to you too. No nightmares. I’ve slept good.” He said rather quickly. Ellie took notice. “But I’m still pretty tired.” He continued.

“Hmm… Well, maybe you should go back to sleep then.” Ellie replied back.

“Okay, are you coming back to bed too?” He asked while yawning.

“No, I’m going with Kristen to go get my eye surgery, and then we’re going shopping for clothes and food.” She answered with a smile, and fiddled with her fringe.

Isaac looked at her with worry, she noticed this as well. Ellie walked up to Isaac and wrapped her arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his forehead on hers. Ellie planted her lips on his, kissing him gently and stroking his hair. Then she gently pulled away.

“I’ll be okay, Isaac. Don’t worry about me.” She whispered.

Isaac frowned for a moment, but replied with a smile, “Okay, don’t be out too long.” He then released her from his tight embrace.

Elli smiled and kissed him goodbye. After Ellie left, Isaac crawled back into bed without a second thought. The more sleep he got, the better. Meanwhile, Kristen and Ellie were becoming best friends. After Ellie got her surgery, the world looked so much clearer too her. She and Kristen shopped for clothes for them and Isaac. Ellie hadn’t had so much fun, just get out, laugh, hangout and shop at the mall as if the outbreak on the Sprawl never happened.

4 hours later…

Ellie walked into their apartment, realizing the place didn’t change since she left. Leaving the bag of food on the counter, she tip toed into her and Isaac’s bedroom, trying to get into the closet without disturbing the sleeping engineer. Ellie gently placed the bags of clothes on the floor and turned to look at Isaac. He was resting on his side with the blanket up to his neck, snoring very softly. Ellie couldn’t help but smile. She made her way to the bed and laid beside him. Ellie held his head close to her chest as she nuzzled into his short hair. Isaac slowly unsealed his eyelids and looked up upon Ellie’s face.

“Is this…an angel I see?” He said sarcastically.

But Ellie quickly dismissed his comment.

“Isaac, notice anything different?” She said with a tilt of her head.

Isaac’s eyes widen. He immediately sat up and cuffed Ellie’s face, shocked.

“Ellie, your eye! It looks good. Can you see well?” He said rather fast.

Ellie smiled and answered his question, “Hell yeah I can see well.”

Isaac just smiled with joy and happiness. He softly kissed her right eyelid and nuzzled her cheeks with his nose. As Ellie sighed with happiness, their moment soon ended.

“I smell cookies! Oh, thanks Ellie for getting something, I‘m starving.” Isaac said as he ran out the bedroom.

Ellie pouted, she was expecting a kiss or a few minutes of cuddling, but no. Isaac was getting her back for the previous day, when she teased him by making it look like she wanted a kiss and wanted to have sex. But she soon smirked. ‘Silly bastard…’ Ellie said in her mind.

Chapter 8: Kristen’s Dance Party

The following night was special, Ellie and Isaac have become great friends with Kristen. Kristen became somewhat of their protective guard. She knew people, they knew people, eventually having everyone watching Ellie and Isaac’s back. This made Isaac more at ease and actually felt more safe.

Kristen decided to arrange a “party” for Isaac ad Ellie to her friends. So that night, the couple came down for their apartment, to meet Kristen an her friends at her apartment. Soon, Ellie spotted Kristen.

“Hey guys!” Kristen said loudly with a cheerful smile.

“Hi, Kristen.”


The couple said together at almost the same time.

Kristen then introduced Isaac and Ellie to her friends.

“This is Sean, Ethan and Leo, they’re all active duty Marines. And, this is Isaac and his girlfriend; Ellie.”

The three men shook hands with the couple.

“Nice to meet you two.” Sean said with a welcoming smile.

“Likewise. So, marines eh?” Isaac suddenly said with a smirk.

“Yup. Ethan here goes by Sunny, I’m Gunny, and of course there’s Rookie.” Sean motioned to Leo.

Leo just rolled his eyes and protested.

“Yeah until the command realizes that the new blood isn’t much of a rookie. But, you’ve been more than a mentor to me Sean. More like an older brother.”

“Well, good to hear that little bro.” Sean held Leo in a headlock and messed up his hair whiling laughing.

Ethan instead kept his gaze on Kristen. She caught his gaze and then blushed, but she quickly recovered by motioning to the rest of the group.

“And that’s Laura, Jennifer, Brad, Justin, and David.”

Turns out that Laura was a doctor, Jennifer was a pilot, both Brad and David were engineers, and Justin was a computer programmer. After introductions, the group broke off into smaller groups as different conversations occurred. The women joined together and so did the men. Kristen and Ethan met each others gazed every few minutes, resulting in immediate blushing and Kristen hiding her face with a giggle. Soon, Ellie spoke up.

“I think Ethan likes you, like… way too much.” Ellie whispered.

Soon all the girls looked at him, the men stopped talking and stared back at them. Soon, the girls quickly withdrew their stares and giggled. Isaac looked back at the guys, wondering what just happened.

“I think you’re right, Ellie.” Kristen said quietly.

But she soon frowned, something that Ellie thought was foreign for Kristen.

“But Sunny hasn’t said anything. So, we’re just close friends.” Kristen said with a shrug.

“You call him by his nickname?” Jennifer suddenly asked.

“Well, yeah. He said he prefers it better than his first name.” Kristen replied.

“Hmm. Well, I think he wants you.” Ellie said after sipping her Cola.

This just made Kristen blush and the rest of the girls just snickered.

“Well, let’s see if he asks you to dance.” Laura said as she leaded back in her chair and press the stereo’s power button on.

Soon, the girls gathered in a circle and started dancing. Isaac stood up and walked up to Ellie. The rest of the guys just watched him. Soon, Ellie turned and saw Isaac in front of her. He offered his hand and she gladly accepted it. The couple then started dancing. The rest of the girls looked at them and made and “awww” sound. Sean came up to Jennifer and bowed his head.

“May I have this dance?” He said very politely.

Jennifer smiled and then shrugged.

“Sure.” She finally said and then she laid her hand in Sean’s.

Then Brad asked Laura, making Kristen the last one available. Sunny hesitated but soon saw Justin, David and Leo looking directly at him.

“Go on, Sunny. She’s all yours!” Leo said in teasing but nice matter.

Sunny took a breath and then came behind Kristen. She turned at smiled at him. He sheepishly put his hand out, and Kristen just smiled even wider.

“Wanna dance together?” He said nervously.

“Of course.” She replied.

Kristen entered his embrace and followed his steps. She looked over her shoulder to see Ellie giving her a thumbs up. Kristen gave her a quick nod, then looked up into Sunny’s eyes. She closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder. Sunny grinned and chuckled as Isaac lifted his head from Ellie’s and lifted an eyebrow with a sly smile. Soon, brought his attention back to his girlfriend and looked down upon her.

“So, I guess you guys were trying to hook him up with Kristen too, huh?” Ellie asked quietly.

Isaac nodded and then laid his head on top of hers. Ellie chuckled as she tightened her arms around him.

“Well wasn’t that sweet of my Isaac.”

“You know me. Always out to help.” He lifted her chin up to kiss her briefly but passionately.

The guys danced for a long time. From swing dance, to hip hop, and to slow romantic dances. It was getting late, soon everyone started to leave. But before the three marines left, Kristen stopped Sunny.

“Thank you for the dance, Sunny. I had a wonderful time.” She said softly, allowing only him to hear what she had to say.

“You’re welcome.” He replied.

Kristen turned, about to walk back to the others, when he suddenly caught her by the arm, bringing her back to him.

“Kristen, wait…” He said quickly.

Sunny turned her around with such urgency, Kristen was caught by surprise. They stared at each for what seem like eternity, until he placed his lips on hers. Sunny pulled away and smiled down at her. Kristen was surprised, but extremely happy.

“Bow chicka bow wow.” Justin said loudly, making David laugh.

The new lovers just looked at Isaac and Ellie, who in returned, smiled back and gave quick nods and thumbs up. Sunny looked at Kristen one last time.

“Goodnight.” He whispered.

“You too. See you tomorrow?” She asked.

“You bet’cha.” He grinned.

Then he left, following the two other marines. The said their farewells and exited the apartment. Then rest left, leaving Kristen with Isaac and Ellie.

“Thanks for having us over, Kristen. Isaac and I had a great time.” Ellie said kindly.

“Yeah, thanks. It was really fun.” Isaac added.

“Well, thank you guys for coming.” Kristen said with full cheerfulness.

The couple walked out of Kristen’s apartment and left disappeared into the darkness leading them back upstairs to their apartment.

Chapter 9: Tender is the Night

Isaac and Ellie walked back into their apartment, with a little bit of dancing in their steps. Both of them laughing and smiling, happier than ever, as if the outbreak on the Sprawl never happened. Isaac wished they met not during an outbreak, but it didn’t matter, they were together. Ellie sat up on the kitchen counter while Isaac locked the door. The heavy metal door soon flashed red saying LOCKED. Isaac turned around and approached Ellie. With her sitting on the counter, she was higher than her usual height, so she was at Isaac’s level. He lifted her up and off the counter, and Ellie wrapped her legs around his waist. She kissed him and ran her fingers through his hair. Ellie found that spot behind his ear and tickled him. He pulled his lips away and chuckled loudly, trying to contain himself from falling victim to Ellie. He had to be stronger than her, he had to. A small tickle wasn’t going to make him weak. But Ellie just tickled him again. Isaac’s weakness revealed to her.

After a few moments of playfulness, Isaac carried Ellie to their bedroom. He gently placed her on the bed and they both sat there, trapped in each other’s tight embrace. He cuffed her face in his large hands looked into her eyes, then locked his lips with hers. Isaac worked his jaw against Ellie’s slowly. Then he pulled away, they were both gasping for a breath.

“I love you.” Isaac whispered to her.

“You bastard…” She smirked and returned his kiss. “I love you too.”

Ellie grabbed hold of him and pulled him on to her. They both fell into the sheets. Isaac looked into her eyes and saw that look of longing, a desire.

“No barriers between us tonight, Isaac.” Was all she said.

Isaac gave in and pulled her jeans down and rubbed her thighs.

“No more barriers…” He whispered into her ear.

Ellie smiled and slowly started undressing him as he did with her, there was no need to rush. Isaac unbuttoned her shirt and ran his lips against the skin of her throat. Ellie allowed him as she unbuckled his belt and tossed it to the side. Their RIGs deactivated when they pulled each other’s shirt off. The devices didn’t sense their users anymore. Isaac playfully pulled at one of her bra straps with his teeth. Ellie just giggled at his actions, but soon gasped as he went behind and unhitched her bra. That was it, the barriers were coming down. When the last bit of the clothing fell to the floor Isaac carefully applied all his weight on to her, he didn’t want to hurt her but he didn’t know Ellie was loving every moment of it. A sudden rush of warmth settled on to her flesh. She felt so comfortable having Isaac’s warmth radiating off his sturdy body against hers.

Isaac ran a finger down her waist and Ellie flinched at his touch. He suddenly stopped and blinked at her.

“What’s this? You don’t trust me now?” He asked with a cheeky grin.

“No, I’m just very ticklish there.” She said as she stifled a laugh, trying hard not to reveal to Isaac that this was her weakness.

After her response, Isaac did it again. Ellie’s laughter broke out which only pleased the engineer.

“Ah ha! So that’s your weakness!” He said in victory.

“Oh, Isaac… You bastard.” She moaned.

He just grinned, his desires taking over him like a virus. Isaac ran his eyes down Ellie’s perfectly lean and soft naked body.

“Oh God, you’re beautiful.” Isaac said with a deep sigh.

He leaned in and grappled her breasts and slowly ran his hands down her ribcage, learning her. Mapping her out as if just stepping foot into uncharted territory. Ellie ran her hands across his hands and up to the flexing muscles of his arms and shoulders. She grazed her nose against his chest but then something from reality jolted her out of the mood. Ellie finally noticed the scars on his body that told his past, their past. How could she miss these scars? The were pretty large. One set of gashes belong to the swift Stalker, Ellie knew it. There was a bite mark under his armpit, maybe belonging to the Slasher or Leaper. Ellie ran three fingers across one long scar that stretched across his ribcage. Isaac noticed what she was doing and stopped what he was doing. She looked up at him in fear.

“Oh my God, Isaac. Do… they bother you?” She asked.

“No, it’s okay Ellie. I like the scars. They remind me that my past is real and that I’m a survivor. Nothing to be ashamed of.” He said confidently.

Isaac pointed at her stomach. Three but thin scars stained her beautiful body with the horrors of the past. It was caused by a Pack member.

“You got some admirable scars too, Ellie.” He said.

She nodded and felt him nuzzling those scars with his lips and nose. Soon, Isaac ventured further. He ran his hands lower, raining warm kisses on the trails his hands left behind with his warmth. Ellie lulled her head back, resting it on the pillow. He got closer to her sacred chamber of her bodily temple, and then suddenly paused. Ellie looked at him, wondering why he stopped. She wanted him to never stop, because his touch and warmth felt like he was so much closer to her, not only in the flesh, but also in the spirit.

“You know I trust you Isaac.” Ellie said softly, sitting up in front of him.

Isaac followed and he towered above her, like a giant but gentle creature.

“I know you do, and I trust you too, Ellie. More than anyone. You’re my everything.” He said.

Ellie was in such joy with his response, she laid her back on his chest. With his passion quickly returning he pulled her closer to him, eliminating the space between them. Driven mad by his desires and the sweet smell of her, he slowly ran his tongue up her spine. Ellie sighed with pleasure, feeling his soft, wet tongue running up her back. He shut his eyes as he took in Ellie’s taste.

“You taste good.” He murmured from behind.

Ellie lifted her head to meet his lips. She rubbed his ears with gentle fingers while he wrapped his arms around to reach for her chest. He caressed her breasts with soft strokes. Ellie turned around again to his meet direct gaze. Before her was a man who had gone through hell and back. He battled hundreds upon hundreds of necromorphs, battled himself in a terrible struggle for sanity, lost everything he cared for, and his trust for people. Except Ellie, she will always be someone very dear to Isaac. She stared into his eyes, internally calling to him. Isaac responded by placing his forehead on hers. She loved that color, that very sharp blue. Ellie ran her hand to the back of his head to tangle her fingers in his hair. Isaac sighed happily at her touch, but suddenly whimpered because he was aching for her. All he wanted was her flesh against his, deep love and affection, and a sanctuary to hide away in from the world.

“I love you… I just fucking love you, Ellie!” Isaac said with such urgency.

“I know Isaac, I love you too.” Ellie cooed to him, trying to calm him. “But that’s not enough, somehow it’s not enough to just even say that!” Ellie suddenly announced, mimicking Isaac’s urgent statement earlier.

They were madly in love with each other, and words would never be enough to express a love so strong and so powerful.

“I know, I feel the same way.” He spoke quietly.

Soon, he leaned over her and held her by the waist.

“If words aren’t enough, then I’ll show you how much I love you.” Isaac whispered.

He gently pushed Ellie down flat on her back and hovered above her, preparing himself. She smiled so widely with excitement. Isaac adjusted his legs and then came down, grinding himself against Ellie. She wanted to lie right smack against him and he understood. With one hand on the small of her back and the other between her shoulder blades, Isaac held her close. Ellie moaned happily as they pulled each other to their bodies’ raging demands. Like two but equal forces. Ellie thought hard about it. “What could it be?” Then it came to her. Ying and Yang. Up and down, in and out, push and pull, man and woman, Ellie thought as she moved in time with Isaac. He was enjoying it, every single moment of it. He decided to push harder, which only caused Ellie to quicken her panting. Isaac smiled seductively and kept at it, thrusting harder than before. He rested his head on her shoulder, listening to her soft panting. Hearing and seeing her reactions totally satisfied him.

Even though Ellie was enjoying his love service, she thought she should return a favor. Ellie sat up, Isaac followed her. At first, he feared he did something wrong to Ellie, but that wasn’t even close. Isaac was unaware of her next move. Ellie climbed on top of him, sending them both back on to the bed. This time, Ellie was on the top. She wrapped her thighs around him and started to rock her body back and forth. Isaac dropped his head and let a satisfied moan escape from his throat. Ellie smiled, happy that she was pleasing him. Isaac rubbed her thighs as she worked on him. His large hands made her shiver at first, but she bent down and kissed him. As Isaac was enjoying the pleasure Ellie was giving him, his desire to invade her grew rapidly like a furious fire. They switched positions again, this time Isaac burned with complete passion. This time, he will invade her, infect her… with new life. Isaac aligned himself to her and then embraced her in an inescapable cage. He began, gritting his teeth and sealing his eyelids shut. There was a point where Ellie couldn’t keep up with Isaac. She held him close, trying to hold on from the large amount of pleasure she was taking in. There’s no turning back now, it’s just him and her. Ellie’s breathing became short and harsh. Even Isaac was grunting harshly. Soon Isaac answered the call of her body’s craving and his own body’s seek for release, he entered her. All was silent as they stared at each other, it felt as if time stopped for them. Never have they felt a stronger and deeper connection until now. They were finally whole. Isaac, was finally at peace with the world. Driven by his instincts and his mission, he drove himself deeper and deeper. Ellie cried out in delight and surrendered herself to Isaac as she felt him moving within her. Isaac’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, then he rested his head on her chest and cried out tenderly. Ellie yelled out in ecstasy, throwing her head back, moaning slightly as Isaac groaned and spurted into her, slowing to a stop and holding onto her. Ellie looked up at Isaac, smiling and stroking his hair. Hot sweat dripped from his forehead and his mouth was opened, trying to catch gasps of air. Ellie wiped the sweat off her forehead and his. Isaac slowly detached himself from Ellie and her warm flesh and rolled off of her.

They didn’t speak for a while, there were only murmurs of love as they held on to each other. Sleep couldn’t claim two exhausted bodies or ease stunned minds. Ellie rubbed the scars on his chest, examining them. She soon felt the stubble of Isaac’s chin nuzzling the back of her neck, he could be so affectionate. After a few minutes, the silence was finally broken.

“Wildcat…” Isaac whispered into her ear.

“Why, thank you.” Ellie replied.

Isaac pulled the covers up around them but kept a firm arm around Ellie. Ellie dropped her head on to his chest, cuddling closer to him.

“I can’t feel my legs.” Isaac joked, but it was true.

Ellie just let out a laugh.

“Well, I guess that’s the downside for having sex with an old man.” She teased.

“Hey, I’m not that old.” Isaac protested.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should have said ‘sensitive man’.” She teased again.

Isaac playfully nipped her ear, in response, Ellie winced in pain. He laughed in victory.

“I’ll get you for that.” Ellie said while smiling like a shark.

“Oh, I’m sure you will my lovely.” Isaac said to her in a playful manner.

A little while later, the grizzled engineer and the feisty pilot fell asleep, embracing each other in a lock of passion, never letting go.

Chapter 10: Life in Atlantis

The next morning…

Kristen was drinking her coffee as she sat on the windowsill. She smiled at the thought of Sunny. Last night after Isaac and Ellie left, Kristen and Sunny talked for hours, and decided to go for a walk the following day. The next day finally came, and Kristen was excited. In about 30 minutes, Sunny arrived at her doorstep, feeling much more confident and comfortable. He rang the doorbell and Kristen opened it quickly.

“Hi, Sunny.” She said happily with a grin that lit his face.

“Hey there, Kristen.” He grinned back.

Kristen approached closer to him until something clawed at her thighs. Sunny immediately pulled the dog back and ordered him to “sit and stay”.

“Oh, Kristen. Are you alright?” He asked with great concern.

She wasn’t hurt at all, she was just a little startled. Kristen quickly loved his deep concern for her safety, a smile came to her lips.

“I’m fine, he didn’t hurt me.” She simply said.

“Oh, ok. Sorry, he likes new people. I hope you like dogs.” He said as he watched the large German Sheppard.

“Of course I like dogs, honey. I love all animals. Does he have a name?” Kristen asked as she kneeled down to stroke the canine’s throat.

“His name is Wolfe. He’s pretty protective but makes friends pretty quickly.” He answered.

Kristen stood up tall again and took Sunny by the hand. A sudden rush of warmth flowed into him. He lightly squeezed her hand and brought it to his lips. Sunny kissed her hand and Kristen just giggled.

“Should we walk to the park?” She asked.

“Where ever you want to go malady.” He said softy.

She just beamed a smiled and tilted her head. He smiled back, looking at her as if in a dream. That smiled he craved for, that laughter that flowed like music, and those lips that satisfied his hunger. They took each other by the hand and became to walk, deepening their bond.


Ellie awoke from her slumber and found herself trapped in Isaac’s deathly hold around her waist. She looked upon his face and saw the small streaks of light dancing across his features. Ellie watched him sleep with a silent stare, giggling when Isaac tightened his hold on her. He moved his head from side to side, fighting his way out of sleep. As Isaac opened his eyes, Ellie whispered to him.

“I love you, Isaac Clarke.” She said solemnly.

His blue eyes, blurred from sleep for a moment, cleared and brightened. He rolled over and pulled her on top of him in one smooth motion, smiling up at her.

“Such a nice way to wake up, and I love you too, Ellie Langford.” He said kissing her.

“Mmm, what would you like for breakfast?” She asked.

“You.” Isaac answered promptly.

Ellie just smirked and shook her head.

“But does pancakes answer your question?” He said with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Ellie nodded and accepted his choice for breakfast and they soon got out of bed. The clothes from the previous night still laid on the ground, cold and no longer needed.

A few minutes later…

They stood together in the shower embracing each other, trying to gain their energy. Ellie laid her head on Isaac’s shoulder, her hair drenched in shampoo. Isaac held her by the small of her back, holding on tightly. Their bodies slippery with continuous soap being applied. Isaac lifted her chin up with a finger and kissed her with wet lips. Ellie smiled into the kiss. God, how they loved each other. The image of Nicole popped into his mind. He didn’t withdraw his lips from Ellie’s because he knew this was what Nicole wanted. It was good for both their sakes, and Nicole certainly wouldn’t feel jealousy for his new beloved. Isaac broke away from their kiss, gasping for a breath as Ellie was catching one too. He simply smiled with joy. Ellie was now his whole world, but he didn’t forget about Nicole. Nicole is now his experienced guardian angel, who will do everything in her power to ensure his and Ellie’s safety.

A while later…

“Isaac, stop licking the spoon; I haven’t finished with it yet.” Ellie said with in slightly frustrated kinda way.

“Sorry Ellie, I couldn’t resist.” Isaac mumbled into her neck.

“So make up your mind already.” She said with a smirk.


“Whether you want these pancakes or me.”

“Can’t I have both?” Isaac asked.

“Not at the same time.”

“Hard decision.” He said breaking eye contact and rubbed the back of his head, pondering.

“Flip a coin, Isaac.”

“Alright. Heads; it’s you. Tails; it’s the pancakes.”

Isaac flipped the coin between his thumb and index finger, sending the coin straight up in the air. It landed back in his palm and he caught it. He opened his hand and it revealed his answered, he smiled.

“Well?” Ellie asked curiously.

“Heads!” Isaac replied with a grin.

“Let me see th- Isaac, that’s a two-headed coin!”

“No kidding.”

“You’re such a silly bastard.”

“But you love me?” Isaac asked, pointing a finger at himself with a curled eyebrow, signaling he was playing with her.

“But I love you.” She replied.


Kristen sat peacefully on the grass as Sunny sat beside her. He threw a Frisbee in to the distance as Wolfe dashed to retrieve it. Kristen smiled and ran her fingers through the blades of grass. Even though the city put a lot of money into making an area completely out of solid earth and grass, it was never home Kristen. Sunny slid his arm around her waist to get her attention. The were both locked in each other’s gazes, they spent what seemed like hours, staring at each other. Sunny chuckled and leaned in, kissing her on the lips. She responded and laid a hand on his face. He slid his hand under her shirt and stroke her skin, but before he go lower, a gentle nudge on Sunny’s leg disturbed the mood. Wolfe was sitting patiently in front of them. Sunny sighed as Kristen laughed.

A while later, Kristen spotted Isaac and Ellie walking outside the park’s border. Kristen flagged them down and they soon joined them. Ellie wore a dark blue sweater and jeans, while Isaac wore an unzipped black sweater and some jeans as well as an Atlantis cap. They sat down with Kristen and Sunny and talked for a while. Wolfe would nudge on Sunny’s leg once in a while. But as Isaac reclined on to his back on the ground, Wolfe saw his opportunity and stole Isaac’s cap.

“Get back here with my hat!” Isaac yelled as he chased Wolfe around a tree.

The rest of them burst out laughing.

“Isaac-” Ellie said, but cut of by Isaac.

“I’m going to have that animal stuffed!” He said loudly but playfully.

“Isaac, just because he stole your hat-” Ellie began, but was cut off again.

“And buried it!”

“I-uh- oh, well, sorry Isaac. I didn’t know how much you liked that hat.” Ellie said while recovering from her laughter.

“My darling Ellie, do you see my face? A pained expression?”

“Uh… yes.” Ellie said awkwardly.

“Do you detect a certain gleam in my eyes?” Isaac was now approaching her slowly.

Ellie tilted her head to the side.

“Now that you mention it-”

“Observe my hands reaching for you.”

“Isaac? Isaac, c’mon you wouldn’t-Isaac?”

Isaac wrapped her in his arms scooped her off her feet.

“Kristen help! Help!” She cried out playfully.

Sunny and Kristen just laughed as Ellie fought against Isaac defenselessly.

“Hmm, that looks like a comfortable grass hill-”


Days passed, days of laughter and love. Isaac and Ellie played in the park like children during the days, drawing even closer to each other through laughter. Their memories of the Sprawl, disappearing with every laugh. And at night, they drew closer as man and woman, exploring the depth and meaning of their love. They made love. They were never bored with each other, never restless. Their love even strengthen as Ellie started work. Kristen happily let Ellie work with her downstairs, and Isaac was more than happy with Ellie being close by.

The clock stroke 9:00 pm, Ellie just finished work and Isaac was excited. He was planning to surprise her, give Ellie a bit of a scare. Isaac turned of all the lights and patiently waited for Ellie. That moment finally arrived. Ellie opened the door and called out to Isaac, but there was no reply. Isaac heard her sigh and mumble to herself. When Ellie stood in the living room, he prepared himself for attack, stalking his prey like a lion. Then in a moment, Isaac tackled her on to the couch. Ellie was a little startled and lightly screamed. She reached for the lamp and the darkness revealed her Isaac.

“Oh God, Isaac! You complete bastard! You scared the hell out of me!” She said sarcastically.

Isaac laid on top of her and chuckled.

“You’re supposed to be happy now that you’re home with me.” Isaac said before he kissed her.

“You know I don’t like to be caught off guard.” She said simply.

“Mmm. Another one of your weaknesses.” Isaac said as he nuzzled her neck.


“Yes it is, Ellie.”

“No it’s not.”


Ellie playfully slapped him on the cheek.

“No, it’s not Isaac.” She said again.

But that just made things worst. Isaac poked the sides of her waist, causing Ellie to grunt and flinch away from his hands.

“Ah! Ok, ok you win!” Ellie cried out desperately.

Isaac smiled and withdrew his hand away from her waist. He leaned in again and kissed with undemanding lips. He felt her hands around his neck. He eventually broke away and lifted Ellie up with him.

“Time for bed, c’mon honey.” He said gently.

Ellie obeyed him as they retired into their bedroom. Ellie walked into their closet to undress herself. She slipped on a tank top and loose PJ pants. She came to bed, seeing Isaac only wearing PJ pants. She guessed he felt more confident to go shirtless. She laid beside him and pulled the covers up. Isaac laid on his side, a hand hold his head up to look at her.



“You need to shave, honey.”

“Why? You don’t like it?” Isaac ran his chin against her arm.

“Well… You’re starting to look like-” Ellie stopped before she said those two words.

She knew saying those words would only lead to an endless, playful wrestling session until Isaac won. She remembered the last time she called him ‘old man’.


“Isaac, hurry up!” Ellie ran up the stairs leading to their apartment.

Isaac was only a few steps behind her, but he wasn’t close to winning their little race. Ellie ran to their door and opened it. She patiently stood in their living room, seconds later Isaac came.

“I beat you! Looks like I won, Isaac.” Ellie grinned.

“Well, I was tired and still am.” Isaac said softly.

“Bullshit! Admit Isaac, you’re slow. Like and old man.” She teased.

Isaac slowly approached her, acting very calm but was secretly wanting revenge. He was a few inches from her and spoke nicely.

“Oh, an old man you say? Well-”

Isaac grabbed her quickly and tackled her on to the carpet floor. He parted her arms away from her body and held them tightly with his hands. He straddled her as he hovered above her.

“Take it back Ellie.” He said with a grin.

“Never.” She protested with a smirk.

“You really want me to torture you?” Isaac asked.

“Hit me with your best shot! Nothing you can do can torture me.”

“Really?” Isaac asked with curved eyebrow.

“Yes, really.” Ellie said confidentially, even though she was vulnerable under Isaac.

Isaac leaned in to face her. He slowly retracted his hands from her arms and slid them under her shirt. Ellie was confused by his actions, she was sure he was going to do something to her. Isaac’s hands rested near her armpits and in an instant, Ellie realized his plan with a shocked expression. Isaac dug his hands deep into her armpits, tickling her intensely. Ellie clawed at him defenselessly, begging for mercy.

“Ah, I- Isaac! Please, stop it! Stop- ah!” She stuttered uncontrollably.

Isaac smiled evilly as he held her hostage and listened to her pleas and cries of laughter.

“Who’s your old man now?” Isaac said evilly.

Ellie continued to whither on the soft carpet, crying out in high pitch giggles.

“Isaac, y-you complete bastard! Ah!” Ellie laughed.

“Take it back then.”

Ellie mumbled incoherently. Isaac brought his ear to her lips, still tickling her.

“What? What was that? I didn’t hear you?”

“I… I t-take it back Isaac! Ah! Oh, please stop!” She begged.

Isaac withdrew his hands, letting Ellie recover. Ellie laid there, sprawled on the carpet, catching her breath. Isaac sat beside her, playing with her hair. Ellie just smiled at him as he smiled back.

End Flashback…

Ellie just laid there awkwardly, afraid to meet Isaac’s eyes. She was a little relieve that he took no action against her. Isaac just ran his hand around his jaw.

“Hmm, maybe you’re right, Ellie. But not right now, I’m too tired.” He said very calmly, something that Ellie found odd.

Because he would always talk and look at her with that sense of playfulness to compete against Ellie’s feistiness. But no, he seemed very, chilled. He captured her waist in his arms and settled his head on her stomach and let out an irritated sigh. Ellie knew something was up.

“You ok?” She said, interrupting Isaac’s thoughts.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Isaac answered and nuzzled her to prove that he was.

Something was bothering him and he didn’t want to tell her. Ellie simply let it go, she was tired and so was he. She’ll find out later.

Chapter 11: The Clarkes

Several Months Later…

“I can’t believe it! I just still can’t believe it!” Kristen was obviously over-excited.

“Kristen please, the wedding was two weeks ago.” Ellie tried to calm down.

“I know, I know but… You guess are my friends. I care about you two and I’m just happy that you guys are married!” Kristen said trying to control her excitement.

“Well, thank you Kristen.” Ellie said as she hugged her. “So how’s it going with Sunny?”

“It’s going great. Yeah he spends more time on duty but he’s a Marine. He makes it up to me with a nice dinner or something else creative.”

“Creative?” Ellie asked with a curved eyebrow.

“You don’t wanna know.” That was all Kristen said before they broke out laughing.

Meanwhile up stairs…

Isaac was in their closet and just finished hanging up their laundry. He smiled as he saw the shiny silver band on his finger. “Strange, such a little thing.” He said in is mind. Such a small thing can bring back a great memory.


Isaac and Ellie entered their room around nine o’clock. Isaac took her out for dinner and walked the streets of Atlantis. They came inside and the door locked behind them. Isaac, being the gentleman he was, slowly removed Ellie’s jacket and placed it on the couch. He took a breath and pulled the small box out of his pocket and hid it behind his back.


“Hmm?” She hummed back.

“I… I know our relationship took off quickly-”

“Isaac, I know it started quickly but I never, NEVER, had a problem with that.” Ellie said a little shocked.

“Good, cause I feel like it was meant to be. Ellie, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You brighten my days, get me wound up with your infuriating yet hilarious sarcasm, and I have never had a dull moment with you. I guess what I‘m trying to say is…”

Isaac kneeled down to one knee and presented Ellie the ring. Ellie gasped and then covered her mouth with her hands, she couldn’t believe he was proposing to her!

“Ellie Langford, will you marry me?” Isaac said happily.

Ellie was speechless and only stared at him, while Isaac stayed there, waiting for a response like a dog awaiting a treat. Ellie approached him with eyes filled of emotion. Isaac remained kneeling, keeping the smile on but was suddenly afraid inside. Will her answer crush his ego, or give him her hand?

“Oh Isaac, Yes, yes, yes! Of course I’ll marry you!” She said with excitement.

Isaac was so happy and relieved, a lone tear escaped his left eye. Ellie just giggled and wiped the tear away. Isaac quickly got to his feet and towered above her. Ellie watched him with aware eyes. Isaac cuffed her face and pecked numerous kisses on her face. Ellie laughed as he kissed her nose, he truly was he happiest man alive that night.

End Flashback…

Ellie was looking at her ring as Isaac came to her mind. ‘I love that bastard to bits.’ She said in her mind. But Kristen interrupted her thoughts.

“Earth calling to Mrs. Clarke!” Kristen said waving a hand in front of Ellie’s face.

“Oh…” Was all she said.

Kristen just laughed.

Chapter 12: Delivery

Atlantis Research Facility

"Fuck this job... What the hell is there to study out here!" Alex pouted as he sat at his desk.

"Keep your bloody voice down, mate. The way I see it, good pay for low amount of work." Said Jacob.

For the past year, their team of scientists were cut from their operations due to budget cuts. Although they were still getting paid, they couldn't leave the boundaries of their labs. This made them restless, especially Alex. "I really wish my career was on the Ishimura. My brother and I would be finding the cure to bone density loss." His bother came to his mind. Sadly, Alex looked at the family picture on his desk. Him, his parents, and his brother Challus... Challus Mercer. The image captured their excitement before Challus left for the Ishimura. Alex shut his eyes, his brother's death entering his mind. "Terrorist attack on the Ishimura. Not likely for a ship that size..."

"Dr. Mercer, you have a delivery at the front desk." Said the desk attendant.

"What? did you say delivery?"

"Yes, Dr. Mercer."

Alex nearly jumped, he almost felt forgotten in this world, but all of that changed. "Maybe we have an opportunity to get back into real work." He thought.

"Uh... You said there's something for me, Kate." Alex said in confusion.

"Yeah, it's coming in. What, we're you expecting a box and bow?" She laughed.

Alex was about to comment, but the door slammed open causing him to jump. Four men pushed a huge timetable box on wheels into the entrance. An elder man walked in and adjusted his glasses, his eyes fixing on Alex.

"Ah, Dr. Mercer. Just the man I was looking for." The man took his hand and gave it a good shake.

"M-me?" Alex stuttered.

"Yes, my boy. I know all about the great work you and your brother have done, and I'm sorry about him; Challus." The old man looked away for a moment before walking Alex closer to the metal box.

"Anyways, I have a job for you. What do you know about Markers?"

"Markers? Not much, only what I hear form the Church of Unitology." Alex shrugged, seeing the old man's smile fade.

"We'll, no matter... No matter. I have a little project for you and your team. Well... In two stages."

"What exactly? Mr.-" Alex was cut off.

"Hans, Mr. Hans. And this project is to remain quiet." The elder man said gently.

He gave Alex a few folders and gestured to a woman with greying black hair and striking blue eyes. "Mrs. Clarke will be overseeing your progress, Dr. Mercer."

Alex nodded at her in greeting as she did the same. After minutes of farewells, Mr. Hans and his men left, leaving Alex with his new partner.

"So, Mrs. Clarke... What exactly am I dealing with?" The doctor asked while skimming through the new folders he was given.

"Your lab is now a Marker lab, Dr. Mercer..."


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